Friday, July 31, 2009

More pics and a visit

Yesterday Emma had her first playmate visit from Lily Osterhaus ( yesterday, so that was exciting. Granted, there was no playing, just feeding and sleeping since Lily is all of 8 weeks older than Emma. Also there are no pictures of such visit because when you combine 2 mommie brains, 2 infants, and a dad who is folding clothes in the bed room while watching the Soup and laughing out loud to himself (yeah it happens), its a good thing that the right baby went with the right mom. Granted, Emma is Wasian and Lily has a bit more of a Zach Morris lineage in her, but you never know.

Emma continues her 3 AM play time. Last night I got up with her because I think Lela was starting to lose her mind. Indications of this are the fact that Lela has woken me up by hitting me and telling me she's mad at me for no apparent reason to later find out it was because I was mean in a dream, Lela waking up and thinking her Mommy boppy is Emma and being sad because she isn't supposed to be in the bed and many more. (NOTE - Lela's actually doing really well with the whole getting up every 2 hrs deal that it has been lately, and I generally sleep through it, but even she's not a machine!) So Emma and I got up and layed on our love seat that rocks and watching Superbad for the 100th time. Is there anything you'd rather do at 3:30 AM than watch a vulgur move about high schoolers while your 10 day old daughter sleeps on your chest? Well maybe watch one of the Chronicles of Narnia movies, but that's just because I like lions, God and CS Lewis.

We went for our first family walk today with all 4 of us. Cooper didn't do well for the first part as we had him on the opposite side of the stroller so he wouldn't try to jump on it. Surprisingly though he was an angel (well angel with a little bit of devil in him) when he was next to the stroller, so maybe he is going to be the protective loving dog that we had hoped. We'll see. . . In celebration of the walk and this unbelievable weather, we went out for some iced coffee and kolaches. Who would have thunk that on July 31 it would be in the 50s in KC in the morning???

Emma continues to do new things. Lately she's been humming which is pretty fun. She also kicks like a champ, so maybe we have a soccer player? I am all for soccer, I mean I did get up for all of the 02 World Cup matches and once said I would marry Mia Hamm (before her whole marrying Nomar thing), so if she's a soccer player, great. Good thing I don't get my hopes up or anything. Emma also hates baths thus far, but its sponge baths, and that's no fun at all. My dad is notorious for being the master of the baby baths, so we'll have to get him into it when they come down here. Mom is coming down this weekend so we'll be sure to utilize and appreciate her services as well!

Few other random things. How did people make it work before boppies? I mean there are so many uses for the thing and now Lela has a mommy boppy that helped her when pregnant and the aftermath. People need to give up the whole, "walked up hill both ways through the snow to school" and just say, "we had kids without boppies" and it'd be much more valid. Also, I am just going to say it, Lela's an Emma hog. Its not overly obvious, but every so often I will think to myself, wait a minute, I haven't held her for hours and Lela's had her latched on for awhile. . .

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I dropped in some pics of Emma, I haven't got the slide show or album function down yet, so they will be in my posts for now. Also the one line descriptions are cheezy, but I am just preparing for when Emma gets to be around 13 so I can fully realize the Dad who embarrasses his adolescent daughter potential I think I have.

Definitely has the ability to roll the tongue

Rolling the tongue again for show

Where are my clothes????

Up close shot of the fro post bath

Hello Miss Lady

Look at those pipes!

Really, I was made to flex! Welcome to the gun show.

Could I flex any more?

So peaceful

Yep still peaceful

Continuing in the peaceful pursuit

As I posted on FB, anyone who had an early class with Lela at Iowa know this look well. . .

Mom and baby

Soon the quote, "if you stick that lip out any further a bird's going to land on it" will be said. . .

First sleep sack

Sleeping on Dad is the best, he's gotta be good for something

Close up bed time fro

Fish lips

Dad with the fro baby. His hairline is cut out of the picture intentionally so Emma doesn't embarrass him with hers.

Wide awake after a bath

Finally, baths take forever!

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