Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well I can honestly say that I don't think any of us went to bed on July 20th thinking the next day we would be meeting our little girl. Emma Grace, much like her mother, decided she was bored in there and came out on the 21st. It was my mom's bday so about 10 as we were heading to the hospital I called her to say, "You might not want to go do your bday stuff, I think you are going to get a different surprise today from what they are telling me".

I must say the whole day was surreal. I won't go into details other than any husband who sees his wife go through that and isn't amazed is well stupid. It was terrible on me, I can only imagine what it was like for Lela. Lela went no epidural and on top of it pushed Emma out sideways and did it all with contractions starting at 7:30 and getting her out of there by 4, which I am told is pretty fast. Basically, it again confirmed that Lela's a bad a-- mofo. Lela's IV wasn't working very well (on pre-req of having an epi is to get through a full IV) and none of us had the heart to tell her she wasn't going to get an epi if she wanted, but she never really asked. Again, she was amazing and a trooper and when Emma finally came out, Lela's response was "Thank you for finally coming out!" as she slid back into the bed. Then as they laid Emma down said, "you are a gross little girl aren't you" so she was still sane enough to keep a sense of humor as that got a laugh from the room. And yes, for those of you who don't have kids, by the end there is like 8 nurses and doctors in the room, so there was a loud laugh.

Everyone I know says that day is indescribable and now I know what I mean. Whether it was trying to fight back tears as Lela was going through another contraction and hating it myself, trying to keep her positive when she looked me in the eye and said she didn't have another push in her and thinking to myself I don't know how you keep going myself or fighting back yet more tears as I got to hang with Emma while they cleaned her. Sorry run on sentence - It was just unreal, and yes, I can't explain it!

Emma was kicking right away, just like she was inside of Lela, so the nurses found that amusing at first. She also has a mop that would make the Jackson 5 in their prime proud. Is there any doubt she is Lela's daughter on top of being clearly Wasian?????
I am pretty wore out as the hospital bed cot is about as comfortable as sleeping on, well something really uncomfortable. Plus you know, we have a new glorious blessing right there so even though she wasn't making a peep we were playing, "Are you asleep yet? Yeah me neither . . " followed by banter about random topics. Plus the fact that nurses and doctors are strolling through like 24-7 aids to no time to rest.
Mom and I ran errands today since you know, we don't have everything that we want, just what we need and Dad put up a ceiling fan for us in Em's room while we gave mom and baby some time alone. It was fine to see the sun for a bit, but after awhile it was like, holy crap, let's get back there how can we spend more than 5 min away from her!!!! I don't think the grandparents disagree.
Anyway, life has changed, its Emma's world we are just lucky enough to join her in it. Hopefully everyone who hasn't seen pics enjoys them. For now she even has me agreeing to allow pink Hawkeye gear.


  1. Welcome to Emma's world! I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet the little gal. Lela - what a trooper, no epidural?!?!?! You must be superwoman! Emma is beautiful, and definitely looks like her mother. Love that hair!

    Congrats Lela, Mike and of course Cooper!

  2. Congratulations to both of you! She looks like her Mommy!!