Friday, July 24, 2009

Days 2 and 3

Well the first few days have flown by! We came home yesterday afternoon, Lela hadn't left that hospital room for almost 48 hrs (something about "do you think I really want to walk around the halls with a gown that flashes people all the time????") so it was nice for her and Emma just to get out.

The 2nd night was a bit harder than the first. Emma decided to have a slumber party, and by that I mean like a 5th grade girl slumber party where nobody sleeps. She basically was hungry from 10-2:30. I am sure Lela and I would have given each other the "what have we got ourselves into" look but we were so tired we just zombied around. We have since gotten rest though on all fronts, so we feel like humans again! So far Emma seems to enjoy eating a lot, I think she'll be a good little foodie for us. She has also enjoyed laying on my chest, which is quite possibly the most fun thing ever. I mean if she would want to just do that 24 hrs a day, I would be fine with never moving, who cares about muscle atrophy right? And yes, I don't know why I pulled muscle atrophy into this, just did.

Mom and Dad were a great help while here, they took care of a ton of stuff around the house so we could just come home and relax. Knocking on wood here but Emma seems to like everything and once she gets into her car seat for walks or rides she is fine.

Cooper is adjusting you could say. We tried to let him sniff Emma while she was in her car seat still, but he decided she smelled good and tried to get a few licks in. He seems a bit edgy since, but is doing fine. He got into the cilantro in our garden, so maybe that's it too. That happened Wednesday and I can literally still smell it on his breath, I bet he would like chipotle burritos since they throw it in there. . .

Anyway, more pics to come, right now mom has been enjoying her first full shower and I have been too lazy to go get the camera.

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