Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday post

I figured I would start out a post with Cooper related news. Cooper has been doing pretty well overall but apparently has come down with a yeast infection in his ears. We tried to treat it ourselves but to no avail, partly because it was made worse by an allergic reaction to the yeast infection. Additionally, let’s just say there were gastrointestinal problems along the way. We finally decided to just take him into the vet and got some stuff and hopefully that helps. Basically we were freaking out the past week or so about it, so Mila had better be ready for some parental freak outs as I am sure every little thing that happens will be over analyzed!

The vet did thing Cooper seems to be developing well. I attribute this to Coopers love for all kinds of food, with the definition of food being whatever he eats. In the past week I have caught him chomping on leaves on the bottom of the tree, a few weeds that sprouted in a bare spot in our lawn that I am grappling with, some weeds we pulled from the garden, some of his hair that we have brushed off his never-ending coat and grass clippings. He picks up other miscellaneous stuff along walks, with the goal obviously being he not pick up that stuff, so needless to say Cooper enjoys partaking in many kinds of foods! He still enjoys his carrots that are his treats as a filler in between his chances at the outdoor smorgasbord.

Everything is going well with Lela and Mila. Apparently Mila is a low rider now (can you hear the song in your head yet?) and is doing great. Another funny thing is you start discussing things like dilation and effacing like they are nothing. I mean if you think about it, are these things that you would normally discuss with your mom, let alone talk nonchalantly as if you are talking about how it rained today? Pregnancy is a weird phenomenon I tell you.

Since joining a new gym about a month ago, I have also noticed some new things that happen at every gym but I likely notice because they are new.
1) A lot of personal trainers are REALLY obnoxious. “I said run not jog.” That coupled with the obnoxious things they make people do seems a bit ridiculous makes me never want to use one! I mean do the personal trainers themselves ever do weird jump things in between sets of weird pushups? I bet the answer is they look like the rest of us at the gym that are trying to get a workout without drawing attention to ourselves in a freaky way.
2) Swimming is an interesting dynamic. There’s fish lady who is in the lane next to me doing the breast stroke faster than I can crawl (not how its supposed to work). Also guy who does the butterfly – yeah we get it, you can do the butterfly, but can you please come in weird hours to do it so you don’t splash 2 lanes in either direction?
3) Guy fitness group. We have a group of guys that are in our gym that do a bunch of random exercises in the basketball court each morning. Basically, they do what people do in the classes just try to make it more masculine and abstract because they are too manly to just admit they do the same things as the females in the fitness class in the fitness class room. I could go on longer about this, but shall refrain!
We enjoy our new gym a lot though and all it has to offer, its just interesting seeing all of these new or revised things.

Hope all is well with everyone out there. Enjoy this lovely weather!

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