Thursday, July 30, 2009


Tuesday we embarked on Emma's first real field trip. Sure we had taken her on the required visit to Target and a few other minor trips previously, but this was the real deal, 4+ hours of unadultered time away from home. Lunch went well Emma slept. After we ate, Emma decided she needed a snack, luckily we were near A Pea in the Pod so Lela fed her. After she got done with her afternoon snack and was cashed out again. We then decided we'd push it and were out for 2+ hrs more. Bad idea. There was a near meltdown by one of my ladies and Emma wasn't doing well either! We got home and the Huebner women took a nap and all was right again. I must say everyone says that its much harder to go places with a baby and I had no idea it would be this hard. We basically are just sitting and waiting for her to eat and then once she has we shoot out the door. Its all worth it though to get every extra minute with her.

Wednesday was a nice day at home for the Huebners. We went on a 45 min walk because it was so nice out and then just did stuff around the house.

Few other observations at this point.

1) Emma's favorite time of the day is from 3-5. . . AM. For some reason that is the time each day when she decides to play.
2) Emma likes to go "ear muffs" while she eats. No pics though, not exactly PG at this point!
3) Why don't have adults have bigger versions of kids stuff. For example, I would love to sleep in a giant cushioned swing with no pants and a blanket on.
4) In one week we have watched more Will and Grace than I have in my entire life. Its the only show that we can DVR all the time, is short, that we both enjoy and that Lela hasn't seen to the point where she has every line memorized (see Friends). Yep, threw that in there because I know you care.

We'll post some more pics of Emma this afternoon, but right now we need to get stuff done!

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