Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting settled in

Well we are starting to get settled in. We finally got Emma's room done so that was nice! We had everything but just hadn't yet organized it, so it's nice to have that done. It's funny how every milestone is now really exciting for us. Who knew how the first trip to Target or the first stroller walk could be so exciting!

As we were told in our birthing class, there is a lot of info to download after that day about the day she was born. We are always saying, "remember when this happened?" Anyway here are a few highlights.

1) When Lela woke up and was having cramps, I told her maybe going to the gym would help. I know, I sound like an a-hole, but in my defense on days when Lela didn't work out she generally felt sick, so I thought that might help. Good thing she didn't listen to me!

2) We hit every single green light on Shawnee Mission Parkway on the way in, never stopped once. For those of you who don't live in Johnson Co. KS, that's a feat right up there with the Hawkeyes going 13-0 in fball - you think some times there's a shot but it never seems to materialize.

3) I had to go to work to fax our stuff to the doula, and we had agreed I should stop by target to close out our registry on the way back. While at Target, Lela called and said, "GET HOME NOW." Again, I was not acting on my own when I decided to go there, but listened and tried to get out of there. I may or may not have come near a flip out when the customer service person at Target was being slow even after I said, "MY WIFE IS IN LABOR, I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW." He and I were not friends.

4) Maybe it was just Lela, but we couldn't figure out how people argue in the delivery room. Lela said she didn't have the energy to be mad, and I must say she was just focused, not so much angry. Again, she was amazing through it all.

Lela is doing really well. Since Emma lost weight (like all babies do) Lela has been feeding her all the time it feels like. We had a doc appt today and Emma gained the weight we needed her to. Lela was having to wake her up in the middle of the night, which is even less fun than getting up at night when the baby cries. I think its also funny how Lela is the type who wants to be soooo prepared for every little detail, and though a lot of the info she read before the baby was very important, a lot of it just seems natural for her. Dad on the other hand, not everything so natural. . well besides naps:)

I am just going to state now that thus far I am not so good at changing diapers. Hopefully I improve as it just gets worse as it takes me longer and Emma is generally less than thrilled when I take so long. I may have also been accused of hanging Emma like a turkey from her feet. . . I am good at swaddling, so maybe that's my claim to fame.

Cooper is adjusting well, though his freedom is mostly gone. He gets a lot of fetch now as we are home all the time, so he's very happy about that. The baby crying weirds him out for sure. He also seems very intent on licking Emma, which we haven't let him yet. Hopefully as time passes we can let him interact more and more with her.

Below are a bunch of pics I think Lela put on Facebook, but I thought I'd throw them out here for the non FBer's.

Tummy time #1

Loving the car seat and by loving the car seat we mean she sleeps generally

Getting ready to leave the hospital

Grandpa and grandma's pic with Emma

Who knew this would be the last belly pic????

Love the boppies, the greatest invention ever. Well its up there anyway

Room Pic #1
Room Pic #2

Room Pic #3Room Pic #4

Room Pic #5

Room pic #6

Room pic #7First bath at home
Cute little feet

Sleepy Emma

Some day we'll hold that head up

Enjoying some time on dad's chest

Eyes wide open!
Gnome on dad's chest

This is our favorite pose, arm up!

Big Yawn!

Tummy time

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  1. Congratulations! She's so sweet looking. The birth story was very amusing. It's my favorite thing to hear now that I realize what strange things always happen.