Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th

Sorry I haven’t been very diligent about writing lately.

First of all we are finally finished with birthing classes. They were very informative and not as gross as I thought they’d be, so I’d highly recommend taking them for any dad’s to be. It has been a relief to not have to rush home every Monday and then get home at almost ten with a pregnant lady who still wants to get up at 5 to workout the next day and somehow get 8 hrs of sleep. . nobody said pregnant women are logical. Additionally some members of our class wore on me a bit so I won’t miss those either. For anonymity sake we will call them guy who pops the collar and never shuts up and wife who thinks guy who pops said collar is funny. You get my drift. . .

Lela’s still doing well. She is still running (along with general working out) which I think is helping her sanity. The upcoming heat wave is probably going to challenge that will to run, but hopefully it doesn’t last too long. That goes for me too as I don’t deal well with heat, so it’s a good thing we live in KS where it never gets hot for any periods of time in the summer I am doing well by the way. . .I just noticed that I don’t get a paragraph about how I am doing and people don’t ask me how the pregnancy is going. Its going well for me, I think I can do this again if you were wondering.

We Huebners finally joined the facebook world. Its been interesting thus far, I haven’t really had time to post much, but its nice to see what the rest of the world is doing. There are a few people I know who aren’t on it yet, so I am not too bad of a geezer.

Our 4th holiday was filled with what else but prepping for the baby. There are some organizational things around the house we have been putting off for approximately 3 yrs that are now finally getting done. I also really enjoyed the fireworks everybody in the surrounding neighborhoods shot off on various nights after 10. Yep, going old man style, but does anybody know that pregnant people go to bed early so you need to stop?:) Anyway, a trip to Babies R Us, PBarn Kids and Target was made and it sounds like that trip will likely occur weekly once we get our new addition. I would go with a Will Ferrell quote from Old School here, but its been done and I don’t want to be that guy, I’d rather be the cranky old guy who yells out his window at kids who make noise after 8. . .I didn’t really do that by the way.

Cooper is doing well though still endangers his life daily when he tries to mess with a 8 month pregnant Asian. We haven’t taught him anything new lately, so I think its time to get back on that. I have been running with him once a week, which based on the amount of saliva that accumulates around his mouth he loves. It sure would be nice if he would stop shedding one of these days, we try to brush him daily, but we can’t use the good brushes as allegedly it will ruin his coat.

We’ll get some pics here one of these days up again.

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