Monday, June 22, 2009

Wow, a lot has gone down since I last wrote. First we have been continuing on the we need to get as much class time knocked out as possible trek. We had our weekly birthing class one night where I got the pleasure of wearing a fake belly and pretending to be pregnant. Basically it was really easy, I have no idea why women complain about that or any other part of pregnancy, seems almost like a non event. . . I kid, I kid. Anyways we attached a few of those pics below. We also had the pleasure of going to breastfeeding class last week. Let me tell you, there is no better way to spend a Wednesday evening than talking about breast/bottle feeding for 3 hrs. Wasn’t awkward at all, especially since it was the first of the 1,000 degree days we are now having and I had gone out to play fetch with cooper before class and forgot to pour on deodorant, so I may or may not have smelled for the 3 hrs. Oh and someone who works for PwC (where Lela works) sat next to me, so combine the videos with the fact that I may have smelled like a hog shed (Lela wouldn’t tell me if I did) to make it a great time. In all seriousness though, these classes are really helpful, especially for me, so they are definitely money well spent. I will be glad when every night isn’t filled with a class or a meeting or something as we hit the home stretch in coming weeks

Then last weekend, we headed up to Alden for a baby shower that Mom and Jill put on. It was more of a couples bbq baby shower, so there were no games or any of that, just hanging out and eating mostly. Anyway, Jill decorated and did an unbelievable job, to the point where I wonder if she should quit teaching and start a baby shower planning business. Mom did a great job of getting all the food and everything organized with the help of Dad, so that was greatly appreciated also. Lela and I were definitely humbled and felt very blessed by all the gifts and enjoyed getting time to interact with everyone, so it was pretty much as good as a weekend could be.

It was also Coopers’ first non tiny pup trip up north and he did great. He slept most of the drives in both directions and played approximately 3 hrs total of fetch on Saturday, which is pretty much his idea of a perfect day.

On the home front I am 90% sure Lela is in full fledged nesting mode, so there is a lot going on! We got the exterior of our house painted last week also, so that was good to get done. We didn’t go crazy with a huge color difference, but got something new and they also took care of a few boards of rot for us. Overall, it looks great and its nice to have it done, now its time to refocus on getting the rest of the stuff ready for the arrival of Mila. Mila is a very um, mobile child. There are many days and nights when Lela laughs and looks at her stomach and I can literally see a limb moving across. Maybe she'll get it all out now and come out ready to nap?

Hope everyone out there is keeping cool. Looks like this week is going to be one the hottest on record for June here in KC. Does that mean we’ll have some nice cool weeks in July???? I think we both hope so (me because I am generally a natural inferno, Lela because she’s you know, pregnant). Lela’s doing well still, everything’s on track so there’s no news to report, in a good way.

Belly to Belly.

Naps wouldn't be that hard!

Mom and Dad with the 3 of us.

The 5 ladies in the Huebner clan (Mila already included in the count). What's the overunder on shopping trips already planned for this crew?

Travis and Missy who made the trek up to the big A!

Presents galore. Looks like based on the brightness behind us we might be in heaven!

Lela and I in front of one of the many tables.

Mom and daughter matching. . . is this a sign of things to come for us?

Mila's first Hawkeye onesie. We will definitely show her the ways of the Hawkeye at an early age. Would have been much easier to just put a tigerhawk on her wall. . . I'm just saying!

Some of the decorating.

More of the decorating.
Even more decorating!

Tasty treat

Mila's first ride's. Based on how much she's been moving lately, she'll be ready to go!

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