Monday, June 1, 2009

Long time no write!

Not sure why, but I haven’t posted in awhile. Lela is doing well (I knock on wood when I say that). She’s still running and keeping active and work has finally slowed down so she can get some additional rest. Of course, with Lela that doesn’t always mean she does because she’s a bit of a night owl, a trait which seems to be shared by Mila who likes to work on her gymnastics in preparation for joining the Blue Valley gymnastics club starting at 10pm or so. If that doesn’t make sense, see some of the original posts about our girls future in gymnastics and the origins of the name Mila. Though the length of Lela’s sleep sometimes suffers with the whole pregnant and just being Lela thing, she still sleeps soundly through the night (sans going to the bathroom once) so that has been good.

With this additional time we have also been able to get going more on house projects. Mostly its focused on prepping the baby room, but there are a lot of things we have to do pre baby as it sounds like we aren’t going to be ready for taking on any project the first month or soJ Tonight is also the first night of birthing class. I, um, can’t wait! It’ll be interesting to say the least. Not sure what I am the most scared of, the knowledge I will obtain or having like 10 pregnant women in one room. I know they have this class all the time, but how is it legal to have that much in hormones and estrogen in one room?????

We have also been on an adventure looking for baby furniture. So far we have the glider and are now on a mission to find a dresser that we like and you don’t pay crazy amounts for. When you stamp “Baby” on anything it seems to increase in price by 15%, probably due to the hormones and estrogen mentioned above. I am surprised they don’t just put a baby furniture store in the building where the birthing classes to capitalize off the decreased level of logic that is occurring. Did I say decreased logic? I meant to say increase in love and everything niceJ

Cooper is trucking along, he had a big weekend last weekend. First of all Saturday morning I decided I was going to take him for his first run of any distance to see how he did and wear him out. We went about 2 miles and he did great! He was also tired for at least a couple hrs, which for a 8.5 month old golden is phenomenal. Then later that day he caught his first Frisbee in the air! He can catch tennis balls on the hop but hasn’t mastered the Frisbee until Saturday. He even caught one where he had to jump. Granted 80% of them still bounce of his chest, but we’ll take what we can get and its pretty good for a dog of his age. With how excited we get over events like those, it might get obnoxious when baby Mila first says, “Go Hawkeyes” or something of the sort, so beware.

I will post some pictures tomorrow.

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