Monday, May 18, 2009

Dog Days of Spring

Last weekend was pretty busy. We spent a fair amount of time looking for baby furniture, which is, um, fun. . . and didn't find anything. We will soon though I have a feeling. We also spent time looking at baby clothes which isn't as bad. Yes, I am a guy and just said that spending time in baby clothes stores in the pink section isn't bad. Its a dad thing I guess and after spending time looking at endless dressers and gliders, it was a welcome sight.

Sunday we finally got to go to church! Yes, Lela's been working so much we haven't gotten to go much in the last month so it was a nice break to get to go, always starts the week off right. Sunday afternoon we took Cooper for his very first trip to the dog park and met up with Lindsay and Ryan who have 2 dogs. Lindsay is what one might call very pregnant. yes, there are varying levels of pregnancy, Lela asks me if she is somehow only partly pregnant, and I think she is. We aren't talking pass fail here people, its like public accounting where things are measured in busy seasons. 1-3 busy seasons is only sort of bitter and surly, whereas you grow increasingly bitter and grumpy after that. Partners tend to be the most bitter and surly even if they don't want to admit it, so there are levels. Maybe its just me though. . .
Anyway, Lindsay seems to be doing well at 38 weeks. Cooper and their dogs, Lynnie and Ehlers seemed to have a grand time (sorry Osterhauses if I botched the spelling!).

For those of you who don't have dogs, its sort of like if you were a dog and got high on ecstasy or meth or some other illegal drug, you would envision this place in one of your delusions. There are a ton of other dogs, a million fetch toys, water to fetch in and free open range. Cooper excelled in . . .effort for sure. Cooper was sort of that kid who makes a lot of splash but doesn't go so quickly. He had his front paws out of the water so he splashed a lot without a lot of speed, but he'll figure it out. He enjoyed it though, and hopefully as we get him there more often, he graduates from the 3rd grade bball team where we play everyone and its all about "having fun" (I was always the little boy who's definition of fun was winning, but whatever), and becomes a jr high beat em by 40 type swimmer. Yes, I am likely going to have to fight myself when Mila is in stuff to not be that dad who is a little too intense as its probably clear how I felt about the aforementioned 3rd grade bball team. We also learned there are many dogs named Cooper out there as we met at least 2 at the dog park. So I guess we don't get an A for originality, but he's definitely a Cooper. Anyway, it was great fun and we have a pic of the prego ladies as well as some of myself with the wet rat formerly known as Cooper.

Lela's been doing well. We had sonogram #2 today and everything was well. the sonographer even gave us some free 3d pics, so that was great. I think Mila looks like Lela, Lela doesn't agree, but as I was on the gender, I am right on this. We'll post pics when lela gets them scanned. I have also attached a profile pic of Lela, she's getting more pregnant. You will note this was on Saturday after she kicked my butt on a run. Yes, she's still faster, one of these days on a long run I will catch her!

My first week with Sprint was good. I have officially become a homer, I am preaching to everyone I can about the Palm Pre, which is going to be greater than the Iphone and about how great the Now network is. But work itself has been good so far, so hopefully it stays in that track. Oh and the frostbite has healed, no amputation needed, so that's also good. I put a few mini videos of the Coopster below just to test it out and see how it works.

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  1. Your description of the dog park cracked me's perfect!

    And I'm glad to know I'm "very" pregnant, while Lela is only "partly". Funny stuff.