Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busy week

We have been pretty busy last 9 days for the Huebner clan. First thing last Saturday Lela and I built a garden in our backyard. Its not too complicated looking, but its harder to put together than you'd think! Building it is one thing for me, the accountant. Then after its built it takes forever to fill with dirt. I carried a ton of dirt. Yep as I have reminded Lela at nauseum (I don't think that's how you spell it, but you get the picture) I carried 50 different 40 lb begs of dirt to fill this box, which for those of you doing the math at home, is a ton. Anyway we built various herbs and veggies, so it'll be fun to see them grow for the summer. Hopefully they grow that is! Everything else has been growing like crazy, ie the grass. The aforementioned Dad's Against Dating (DAD) will likely have to start a subcommittee called FETOG, or Fathers for the Ethical Treatment Of Grass. I mean, is anybody else tired of mowing twice a week? We left this weekend (see below) and I was embarrassed as I had to quick mow it and it looked terrible. So when we got home mowed again on Sunday. We members of the FETOG subcommittee need to find a way to have green grass that we mow once every 2 weeks. I won't be complaining in August when our grass matches our house (which is brown), but a happy medium would be good! Cooper has been going green lately, as in his paws make him look like he's morphing into the Incredible Hulk... except for the fact that he's a dog and can't tear out of his shirt and jeans and its just his paws.
Then during the week, I stayed up late one night putting together this lovely crib. Step 2 for the baby room is complete! After the painting and repainting that was step 1 and then the patience it takes to put together the crib, I am rethinking this whole dad thing:)
This weekend we headed up to Vinton, IA for our niece Julia and nephew Jacoby's bday party. They were born close enough together as far as date goes that my sister and brother in law throw a joint party, but for now my 3 yr old niece is primarily focused on reminding us of her bday and her 1 yr old brothers' is somewhere in the afterthoughts. It was a good time, the weather was phenomenal and it was fun to hang out with family that was there for the extravaganza. We took a few pictures of us with our niece and nephew in front of the star in front of their house. I am about 90% sure that my sister has more of these stars in various places throughout the house than anybody in the US and this is the largest, so its a perfect picture opp! Anyway, great party put on by my sis (Joe was in there somewhere too, but like me is likely not the brains behind most of the operations) and it was good to get up there for it this year.
One of my ex coworkers Josh watched cooper over the weekend and it was weird to be away from him as he has truly become an integral part of our day to day lives, but all appears to be well and hopefully he didn't terrorize Josh too much.

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