Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring is in the air

I am coming around on this whole spring deal. I used to be a fall person, 100%. I mean, watching college football every weekend, living and dying with the Hawkeyes, the nice cool weather. I am a warm person too, so I can almost handle winter more than summer, especially since migrating south from Iowa. But more and more, I am a fan of spring. I don't have the anger that is generally associated with Hawkeye football ruling my wife at least a handful of times (save a few glorious seasons). My grass is to die for (yes, being old and married, I care about my lawn now, its a rule you sign when you buy a house and get married). Its nice out in the morning, you get t storms to sleep to in the mornings some and it seems I can get out more which is exciting. Especially now with Cooper around, we get to spend more time outside.

Anyway, with spring comes change. As some of you know, I have decided to change jobs, which is pretty exciting and fun! I took a job with the Technical Accounting group at Sprint/Nextel here in the KC metro its in JoCo, so I don't have to cross the border even. Yeah, basically I am going to be an uber nerd, and I am okay with that. Hopefully it helps balance out the life part of work/life balance along with the fact that I think its overall something that I really want to do, so all in all its pretty exciting(yes, I willingly would sign up for being an uber nerd). Some of you have noticed also, I have been using the word uber a lot lately, I think its pretty cool, I am going to have to overuse it for a solid 3 months until everybody gets tired of it and complains.

Mila is doing well from what I hear. Her heartbeat is right on and Lela's keeping her growing strong with a healthy diet and keeping up on the working out front. Lela's audit team is having a workout challenge which is invigorating her to the point where sometimes I have to hold her back! Yeah, hard to imagine, since Lela isn't competitive or driven at all. . .

Welp, off to hang with the fam, have a good weekend all!

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