Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy belated easter

So the weekend of Easter the Huebners finally embarked on a painting voyage for the baby room. For the past week I have had the song "If I had a Million dollars" by Barenaked Ladies in my head. Why you ask? Because if I had a million dollars I would never paint again! How great would that fit right after "but not a real fur coat that's cruel" in that song??? Since it was Easter weekend also, I kept having these visions in my head of heaven and how it would be this glorious place with no painting. Do you get the picture???

Anyway, in honor of Easter, we first got a very bright green. It would go very well on say an Easter shirt. Apparently Lela and I weren't going for Easter - by that I mean Lela, because I think I flunked the 64 crayola color test in school. So after painting a large portion of the room, after the color being bright to the point it may or may not have permanently damaged my eyes, after me trying to justify the original color so I didn't have to paint again by saying, "it looks like a good kids room color" to the point where that phrase is now banned forever from our house, we decided we should go with a softer color. I would have added pics, but they didn't really do it justice. Just think, soothing green, makes me want to sleep all through the night and not wake up every 2 hrs to feed or poop green. . that's what we are going for.

We haven't hung up the decorations yet, they will be all pink allegedly if you were wondering. I have also asked if I could put a tigerhawk (see link for non Hawkeye fans, Lela just turned and walked away. I am taking that to mean yes, of course Mike, what a wonderful idea, that would fit perfectly in the room, order the stencil now. So stay tuned for the final picture.

Lela's still growing with the baby. She's still running, still faster than me, all that. The baby has started moving, so that's exciting. .. for Lela since the baby never moves when I put my hand there and since I am generally a warm person Lela may or may not limit my hand being there to 5 seconds before she claims the lava will eat through the skin. See picture below before Lindsay Osterhaus's shower of Lela and the lack of belly.

Cooper is still kicking it. He's getting more freedom in the house. Somedays that's good, sometimes not so much. He clearly doesn't understand that misbehaving near a pregnant lady isn't funny but life threatening yet. . . We also busted out the frisbee the other day for fetch. Not quite there on the catching it in the air thing yet, but he'll get there. He did perform an over the shoulder Willy Mays style catch the other night which was pretty neat. Willy never caught it in his mouth though, so the Coopster has a leg up I think. I put a few pics of he and I posing on Easter, you know, because Cooper likes Jesus too.

I personally decided that in spite of the painting debacle, I think Easter is my favorite holiday. I mean bunnies are cool. There is more candy than Christmas really. Its when things are warming up a bit, but not hot. Oh, there's also the whole resurrection and sacrificing for us deal, yeah one could say pretty cool. Yep, its pretty solid in my book.

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