Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I haven't been overly good about posting pics lately so I took some of Cooper playing fetch and also of Lela's belly. Cooper loves to play fetch, as in he still won't stop unless you make him go inside. He has also started to catch the ball on the bounces, so we are preparing to move him over to the frisbee. Again, these things really do excite me (really, they do).
Not much has been going on lately with the Huebners, which is a good thing. We are getting ready to order our crib and a running stroller, so that's exciting if you are into ordering cribs and running strollers. . . I am for sure 100% Lela will come after me with a sharp object if I don't going to paint this weekend. We have a sample that I need to apply one of these nights and after that gets agreed upon (to the layperson that means when Lela decides what she wants and I don't disagree).
If I don't blog before then hopefully everybody has a happy Easter!

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