Tuesday, March 31, 2009

to paint or not to paint

Last Friday Lela and I both finally got a chance to unwind from work and get a little R&R. We caught up on tv shows and were going to paint. However, we had a nice lil ice/sleet/snow storm Saturday and decided that would not be the best day to paint as it would be hard to clean up. It was a weird day, when we were down south and when we went to church on Sunday there was a few inches of snow, whereas where we live just 15 or so min away we just got a ton of rain. So we finally cooked a bunch. Well by cooking I mean Lela cooked as I grab things she needs and then clean the dishes, because you know, I know my role. We hadn't cooked since the beginning of January really, so it was actually pretty nice. Yes our lives are ones where we get excited to cook and watch tv, not afraid to admit it.

While the weather was so lovely saturday, we continued our search for a pair of maternity jeans. I thought, how hard can this be, we really just need one pair to get her through. . . yeah, its hard apparently. Lela literally tried on at least 75 pairs of jeans Saturday - okay, maybe not 75, but a lot. About 90% of the jeans looked very um, mom jeanish (its a term in websters I think) with the remaining portion apparently not feeling right to Lela. So we bought a pair that I thought looked nice, and then Lela tried it the next day and apparently they didn't feel right. So she tried on 150 more pairs and decided the ones she bought the previous day were the best. Remind me, why did I sign up to have 2 women in the house? Are we going to need to devote 10 hrs per week now to going back and forth on decisions?. . I kid I kid. I was off doing man things part of the time because you know, I am manly, and didn't get to witness some of the activities. Apparently one of the ladies at the store was less than PC and the second Lela would show her things would say "that's just way to big" and walk off even though Lela didn't think it necessarily THAT big. Lela told me about this lady, we'll call her the Maternity bootch, and I just sort of nodded and agreed that sucked. Later while trying on the 2nd 100 pairs of jeans, I was there and the lady said the same thing. Its a good thing there aren't many sharp objects in maternity stores.

I would also like to mention how its really amusing walking through those stores and seeing the guys there with their significant others. I mean deer in headlights is an understatement. Not that I wake up on Saturday and say, 'Lela, let's hurry up so we can spend extra time in A Pea in the Pod, I've just got the urge to find,' but since she is bearing my spawn, I don't think its too much to ask that I come in and give an opinion on certain things. Just to clarify, by opinion, I mean unless I really, really care about something, figuring out what Lela wants me to say and then saying that. My hit rate on that is about 60% at this time (if you ask me, not Lela) and if I were a baseball player that would put me in the hall of fame, so I am pretty freaking awesome. Anyway, thanks to a PDA device where I can pull up scores of games, read articles and do many things, and those nice wooden chairs, its not such a bad experience. Granted, every woman I know that has been or is pregnant tells me maternity clothes shopping isn't very fun really, so there may or may not be a mood swing, but still. And by the way, can someone have me go shopping for a new mini wardrobe where its elastic at the top of pants and not a ton is form fitting? What's that? There's a mob of angry pregnant women coming with torches and pitch forks to kill me? I take that back.

Lela also started to read a book I received from Nicole about bargains and what things to buy. Holy crap, a whole lot of info, that's all I have to say. It takes the price comparison shopping out at least, but I think Lela's head might explode with all the knowledge or fear of buying something wrong. That's why I try to leave a lot of open space in mine.

One last note and this is REALLY important. I saw this morning that NBC is renewing Friday Night Lights for 2 more seasons. EVERYBODY needs to watch this show, its been on the edge of getting cancelled for a long time and is one of the top 3 shows on tv (along with Lost and 24) and nobody knows it. Its not really about football as much as you would think, its just good. As Lavar Burton would say, "you don't have to take my word for it." End of that rant!

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