Monday, March 23, 2009

Two days in a row

So since I took a 2 day hiatus from blogging, I figured I owed it to the world to blog on consecutive days. That brings me to my first point. Writing is sort of addictive, I can see why people go to school for four years so they can fight over bad paying jobs writing for a newspaper or something. Of course I went to school so I could sit at a computer for a bunch of hours a week and possibly get yelled at by a client, so I don't want the previous sentence to be interpreted as me saying its a bad thing to do that, just that it seems like it would be fun. I do like numbers though so maybe Accounting is my calling, like when I like to tell Lela my birthday rocks because its 2 perfect squares (9/25). Am I proving my point that I shouldn't be a writer with this meandering paragraph. Yep!

Anyway, just wanted to give an update on everybody. Lela and Mila (pronounced MEE-LA for those of you at home) are doing well. Just so everybody knows we are not complete freaks (well Lela isn't at least) and are not going to name our child Mila but for the purpose of this blog we are going to call her that, so as to not give up the super secret name that we may or may not have decided on and that if someone were to try to take it they may or may not face a knifing from a certain Asian mom to be. Only partially kidding. . .

Just to clarify the pictures on the Coopster on the previous blog as Lela pointed out that he looks somewhat scary, here's the setting. Cooper likes to lean against his crate door sometimes when we are out of the room or doing something and he has been just sitting there lately with his paw up when we open the door. Its pretty cute and funny. . . well to us it is. . . probably like how certain pictures of Mila are going to be really neat to us, but to people who don't get to see the first Huebner Wasian they may not be quite as fun. It'll happen, we are okay with it.

On a more serious note though Lela and I were just talking about how blessed we are. We finally got to go to church last weekend for the 2nd time in months and I think it really helped me to realize how lucky we are. We have a dog that we love and adore (tonight we asked ourselves is he okay? because he seemed way to nice and calm), we have a baby that's developing and is definitely going to be the cutest Wasian baby ever (high bar, I know, but we aim high in this house), we were reminded of our family and how much we enjoy time with them this weekend, and friends out there to help whenever we need. There's more, we could go on and on, but then this blog'll get sappy and we don't need that. Now we just need to get Lela to slow down on her workload for a bit so we can actually hang out and I can let her blog (yeah, I said "let her" because I have officially hijacked this blog and determined that its mine) so you can get the mom to be's thoughts.

Last thought, I filled out a few home depot surveys online tonight so as to try to win $5k. Does anybody know anyone who has ever won these things? Whenever I click on the past winners I think like 90% are from Oklahoma or North Dakota in places which its hard to verify exist.

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