Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's a . . ..

I was going to try to think of some witty way to say it, but I couldn't. We found out the sex of the baby and. . . its a girl! It seems weird saying that since ya know, that's what people say after the baby is born in the movies and on tv, but the sonographer seemed really sure. The whole sonogram thing isn't what I expected. I thought you go in, they show you whether its a boy or a girl, do like 2 kick the tires test to make sure your baby isn't an alien and then you go home with a picture of the baby. Well for all you people (mostly guys who are clueless like me) its totally not like it. First of all she figured out the sex by looking at the baby from underneath, whereas I thought it would be more of a profile looking for a certain body part or lack thereof. Then the sonographer goes on to do like 50 measurements and hopefully proves that your baby is all on track. for the last 13 min of the 15 min appt I was like, okay, okay, okay, having zero clue that any of these tests were going to place and not knowing what some were. I am not sure they confirmed that the baby isn't an alien as the pictures look questionable, but the sonographer seemed sure it wasn't. By the way when I hit spell check on this, sonographer isn't a word, but apparently one of the closest words is pornographer. Thought you all should know. Anyway, all was well with Baby Huebner, so that was good.

We of course immediately drove to Pottery Barn kids and checked out everything pink imaginable. Has anyone ever thought of attaching a PBarn kids, a Gymboree or any of the other kids stores to the hospital or putting them across the street? Upon finding out the sex, does any mom not want to go and immediately start buying stuff? Anyway, Lela, Mom, Jill and Julia of course made a trip to the mall Saturday to get started on the buying of clothes. By the way, before Lela came home from said trip to the mall, I thought Gymboree was some sort of place where kids go to play or there is like jungle gyms or something. Apparently they sell clothes there. Is anybody else scared for me and my lack of knowledge? One of my coworkers Nicole, hooked me up with some books, some of which are for prospective dads, so I think I had better get on reading that.

Anyway, I hate to say it, but I was right. I even got Lela to say, "You were right, I was wrong" to me because she thought it was a boy. Those are words I don't hear every day. . . anyway, I know I know you just want your kids to be happy and healthy, but I have already projected baby Huebner to either be a star gymnast or a point guard of the b-ball team. She'll be great no matter what, but I think that's just where she is projected based on my analysis of Lela and I. Oh and I decided I am starting a group called Dad's Against Dating (DAD for short). It's a grassroots movement to put restrictions on daughters dating until the age of 21 unless the boy passes a series of tests and agrees to various things such as wearing a bug at all times, having a tracker attached to their car, etc. There has to be some money somewhere in the bailout plan to get this program started? Can we get some politicians to back us up? Emails are appreciated, let's make this happen. Vote for DAD in 2009.

The whole Huebner clan was down here this weekend. Lela, Jill, JOe and I went to the NCAA tournament games Saturday and Mom and Dad watched Julia and Jacoby. It was a bit of a crazy weekend, but we had a ton of fun. The games themselves weren't close, but it was great to watch Memphis' athletes and Blake Griffin. We were also excited to get Cooper exposed to more people as we have been working to socialize him. He's getting there but still has plenty of energy and isn't afraid to show it when people come around, but he got better as the weekend progressed. Joe also continues his suggestion that we combine my name and Lela's and call the baby Mila. We are taking it into consideration. . . .

I attached a few pictures again. Some of Cooper and us and the first ever published pictures of the Belly. The first is the 19 week picture, the second the 20 week picture. They are after morning runs so hence the gear. Lela is even running with me on our recovery run mornings, which I know kills her, but is nice to me as on those easy runs to just chat. Rest assured within a week of her being able to run after the baby, she'll be running off like a crazy asian again.

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