Thursday, March 26, 2009

The baby books

Well, I officially started reading the dad books last night that Nicole gave me. Lela had 2 books that her friend Kelly had loaned her, "what to expect when you are expecting" and some mayo clinic book. Those books should both be combined and renamed, "everything that could ever go wrong with your pregnancy and that will freak you out every time you open them". I mean, we have like 5 items we can eat in our house at this point due to the book and various websites. I guess in some respects its good as I now eat a lot of fruit and also get a lot of whole grains because of how Lela's digestive track is slowing and that helps . . . oh wait, that's TMI, but the books tell you about all those things. . .

Any the dad books sort of crack me up thus far. The first few chapters say things like, "really listen to your partner as she is going through a lot physically and emotionally, so she needs your ears and support, even if she just needs to vent." Really? Would I even be married if I didn't understand that at this point with pre pregnancy hormone roller coaster rides? I mean God sort of made women more emotional than us guys, isn't that the whole complementing each other deal and shouldn't a dad to be have the concept figured out (even though I have determined we will never figure out how to perfect reacting to that. . .)? Also, "your partner should try to eat and live healthy so eat and live healthy so eat the nutritious foods with her and exercise with her." So pre pregnancy the conversation would be, "well Lela, you can have that nutritious food, I am going to fry some things and then coat it in chocolate and take a nap while you have some fruit and hit the gym so that I can shorten my life" but now I would never say that (sarcasm inserted here). Anyway, I decided they should rename those chapters "if you are not married to your baby's momma or your wife really hates you, read this and find out why and what to do about it". And yes, basically I have decided that I am the ideal husband based on reading that, maybe that's what those chapters are for, to build the dad to be's ego - again being the best husband ever because I understand those concepts, not because I know how to implement as I think that's impossible. . .

I have viewed a glossary that has all the terms (some of which quite disgusting to be frank) that Lela has already used and I just nod like I know what's going on even though I don't and Lela knows I don't. I have skimmed through some of the rest of the chapters and I think they are going to open my eyes to what's coming, so that's exciting, if you are into dentist appts.

On a dog related note, I have begun running cooper in the morning for a few blocks to get him trained for when he is fully grown and can run with Lela. He's actually been taking it quite well, almost better than walking as he doesn't have the opportunity to sniff EVERYTHING in the universe. He's getting better at fetch too, which to me is the most fun thing. Sometimes he will willingly just drop the toy and can catch the tennis ball on the bounce sometimes too. I know, I know, nobody probably cares but me, but that doesn't mean I can't write it!

On a pregnant lady note, Lela has finally busted out full fledged maternity gear. I think it looks frickin comfortable, can I get some pants with an elastic waste band and shirts that give a ton? Women all over (or the 3 that probably read this) are rolling their eyes right now as I " have no idea what its like to be pregnant and all that goes with it":)

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