Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weekday update

So the blog has sort of turned into the adventures of Mike and Cooper, with an occasional shout out to Lela and Baby Huebner. Basically right now Lela eats, sleeps and works, so we haven't been able to get anything out of her, but after 3/16 word on the street is we will have some free time so we will get her to write down some takes.

Anyway, spring appears to be here, for now anyway. I have a strong urge to just leave work and go home and do whatever outside. I am sure a child will even further it, but having a dog has given us a reason to be outside which is nice when the weather's like it is now. Speaking of, cooper continues to love fetch. One of these days I will get him to just drop the ball but for now he likes to prance (in a very masculine way of course) with the ball in his mouth. He also enjoys taunting the next door dog who barks more than any creature known to man while he has the ball in hand, almost like saying "maybe you should try not barking incessantly and doing something with your life like me." Maybe I am projecting. . .

2 weeks from today is the beginning of the NCAA tourney, which means that 2 weeks from tomorrow we find out the sex of the baby. You see the correlation there? Well there isn't, but that's how I remember how its all working out. Allegedly Lela's going to pose for some pictures one of these days to show how little she is showing (note the use of the word little, I don't think you can under use that word around pregnant women, or so I am learning. . . ). I still think its going to be a girl because that would mean we have 2 males and 2 females balancing the house. Sort of like balancing the force on Star Wars but sort of not. Either way, it'll be fun to find out and know.

Mom and Dad are going to be in town this weekend, so I am sure a fun time will be had by all (Mom quote there for you).

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