Monday, February 23, 2009

Big development

Okay, so its not that big to most people, but since we don't have a lil human to oogle over, it is. Cooper finally seems to get fetch. For some reason Sunday lela was on the deck and said "Come Here Cooper" and rather than bucking like a bronco through the yard he ran up to lela. Granted he didn't want to give up the tennis ball at first, but then he started to get that. Then it took him awhile to spot it so after a few Mike aided fetches, he learned to look while we threw it and then run down the steps. So for now we can only play it while standing on the deck, but as I told lela, that may be a good thing. That way I can just lazily sit on the deck while sipping on a diet sunkist that may or may not have alcohol comingled in it and a bucket hat on (to keep from burning - something the lil Wasian won't have to worry about as much) and throw it. Lela of course is trying to take credit for being the catalyst for this newfound fetchdom because he wouldn't fetch for me, but I like to think Cooper was just trying to show off for the ladies and would have done it for me. . . .

Anyway, tonight even better yet Coops seemed to get tall that, he started to comprehend "drop it" and then since it was dark he would look to me if he couldn't find it and I would point and he would turn where I pointed. Pretty much I think its a combo of the smartest dog ever and really great trainer. Okay, that might be a sligh exxageration, but that made the day a lot better. Along with the Hawkeyes finally getting a W, its been a good 2 days for the Huebners.

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