Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Thoughts

I decided that blogging is a lot more fun than most things I do on my drive in to work today. So I thought I'd share with you all an average weekend in the Huebner household during busy season. Well not really average, but what we did.

Friday morning I dropped Cooper off at the vet to lose his manhood. Lela claims that because he isn't a man, he can't lose his manhood but I don't agree with that assertion. Anyway, it was fairly tramatic to say the least since normally we (and by we I mean I) take cooper out to pee, let him eat, then take him out to take care of #2 in the first 15 min of his day. The middle step is clearly his favorite and he couldn't feed him after midnight the night before, so he wasn't overly happy to say the least. Anyway, went to work (booorrring) and then came home that night. We went to the gym and then ran to chipotle in order to feed the pregnant lady quickly. I was thinking that morning that it would be a great break that night as we wouldn't have to take cooper out or play with him or watch him climb through the legs of the chairs in our table (his new favorite thing to do), sort of a parents night out without the kids. But it wasn't nearly that fun, just sort of sad and empty. I imagine that's how parents feel when they first leave their baby at home or something, probably to a greater extent, but anyway that was interesting.

Saturday was Valentine's day if you all were wondering. If I were at a stadium watching a game and Valentine's day was playing, I would start and "OVERRATED" chant, but I will refrain since Vday isn't a person and I am not watching it play a sport. Anyway, since Lela had to go into work we got up and went for a run and then I sent her off to work with some Kolache's. If you haven't had any of those, find a place nearby, quite tasty. I then went and picked up cooper who was already fully recovered and ready to play. I tried to work in the afternon, which was fun. I did have the iowa game on in the background, valient effort, but once again no dice. Anyway, I am sure you are dying to hear how cool our Vday plans were. Well we went to Lela's favorite Korean place and had some Korean soup. I know, exciting!!!!! In all seriousness it was nice, our favorite waiter was working (yeah its one of those places with one waiter) and made fun of me for not liking onions which according to he and Lela is a travesty.

Sunday lela had to go into work again and I held down the fort. Got a migraine so I spent forever holed up and didn't do anything noteworthy other than going to CVS and spending a total of like an hour there trying to find something pregnancy friendly to help lela with a cold she has come down with. Fun!

Today is Dad's bday so if you see him in the west side (alden restaurant, not a place where Cali Rappers hang) or any number of other places Dad is roaming around, wish him a good one. Of course tomorrow is Michael Jordan's bday, so do the same if you see him roaming whereever it is he roams these days.

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