Sunday, February 15, 2009

First day of blogging

So it seems that everybody and their sister has a blog now. Well except for us. Well until now anyway. So for right now, this blog is being written by me, Mike. I am sure when Lela get's less busy, she'll write some great, long, elaborate, well written blogs that give great details and insight into our lives. Until then you will be stuck reading my mindless meandering (not sure if that's a word and too lazy to look), made up words and randomness. So here goes.

Obviously the real reason we are starting a blog is because we are going to have a new member in our family come around Aug 7. Yes this will be the first Wasian Huebner, at least in our portion of the family. We are pretty excited for obvious reasons. I am because the kid will have a shot at being in the sun for longer than 10 min and not burning, Lela because she will have a child that will likely have my charm and wit. Well that last part I may have made up, but it sounds good. Cooper is excited because it means he gets another person to lick, which is really what his life is all about at this point. Cooper is our 5 month old Golden Retriever. He loves playing fetch (minus the part where he actually brings it back), eating pretty much anything possible, sleeping on his back paws up, eating grass, and pretty much anything else that involves consuming or running.

Anyway, back to the Baby Huebner part. Lela's been doing well. She made it through the first trimester without much for morning sickness and is now around week 15 or 16 or something. She's been tired, so we have been getting more sleep (or trying to which during busy season is a challenge). Its been a nice break for me because I am unlike both Lela and Cooper and do not have endless amount of energy and don't operate on a burn at both ends lifestyle very well. She's been reading bits and pieces of various books, and web pages, with the resulting answers being that lela should sleep 10 hrs a day, she shouldn't really eat anything besides bread and water and anything she does outside of walking to the car could be bad for the baby according to some bloggers. So that's fun.

I, as future dad, have read some of the pieces of the books (most of which is pretty gross and not fun from my perspective), checking into day cares, and washing endless amounts of fruit. Yes some women crave powdered donuts (I might be closely related to one), some crave peanut butter and pickles, but lela craves fruit. If anybody has a fruit washing service, please call me, its become a 2nd job. I previously thought that a couple couldn't go through the large quantities of fruit that Costco packages fruit in, but we are now on track to keep pace with what they can sell. I have also started planning our child's future. If its a girl, I think we might have to move closer to Blue Springs academy for gymnastics or whatever in KC, and if its a boy I have a training program to help him because a Wasian Bob Sanders, including playing for the Hawkeyes. Have they ever had a wasian on the team? I am sure they have, but I don't remember it so this'll be the first at least in my mind, which makes it cooler really. There was an asian girl from that gymnastics place that almost made the US squad last yr, so that ground has clearly been broken, but maybe the fact that this will be more Wasian is cooler too.

Okay, remember that part about meandering, yeah, I think I passed that awhile ago. I leave you with random pictures of Cooper because he's more fun than us. Actually they posted at the top, I will figure out how to put them at the bottom later.

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