Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Yeah, still Mike blogging and no I won't have a video of the SNL Lazy Sunday video out there (though it is a classic). One of these days lela's workload will slow down a bit more and she can give some of her thoughts, but for now everybody is stuck with a 100% Mike blog.

Update on Cooper - I threw some pics of Cooper onto this one again. These are his "fox" pictures as when he lays on his back he sort of looks like a fox. One could say that is clever like a fox. . . okay I will quit. Cooper is definitely 100% recovered from his manhood being gone. He lost a tooth the other night while I was playing with him, which I found really neat (Lela thought it was not nearly as cool). He gets more fun every day really. I have started doing a thing where I attach his leash to my belt and he just walks around with me as I do stuff in the kitchen. He thinks its pretty neat to wrap the leash around me and to step over the leash and have it between his legs. He's been fighting fetch but finally started doing it today a bit which was fun. Its weird because when he was like 10-13 weeks he would fetch but has been boycotting for the last few months. He has graduated to the big kids dish that is elevated, so that's exciting as it has a drawer for food underneath. He's been pretty good though just overall where he doesn't try to eat us all the time and will just sit and enjoy being petted for a few minutes, so yeah, pretty exciting stuff. He can go a really long time now without having to go to the bathroom so its nice to be worried 24-7 that he is going to need to go to the bathroom. We have been really blessed with neighbors who can let him out during the day, but hopefully the days where that is necessary is coming to an end.

The weather keeps wanting to get warm. We went for our usual Saturday morning run yesterday and it was less than fun turning the corner to the North. Had we been running side by side I am pretty sure that we would have looked at each other and turned around. Luckily for us Lela likes to pretend she is fast and was ahead of me so we were able to enjoy a run. Anyway, the point is the last few weeks it has been getting up to 50 or 60 but just hasn't gotten to stay up there so we can enjoy some nice morning running and aren't running to and from the car when running errands.

Lela's doing well. Probably should mention that since the whole point of this blog was allegedly started to talk about her and the baby and not to give me an open forum to babble. She had a long week at work, so I think she's slept more than any 36 hr stretch this weekend, around 22 hrs at least. Since I enjoy a good nap, I won't complain! Regardless, its been good to have a weekend where we get some rest. We have also begun the discussions on how to paint the room depending on what sex it is, so that's fun. Well minus the whole fact that I anticipate about 100 decision changes in the next 2 months or so about it and a lot of heartburn for Lela:) She also learned of some thing you put around your stomach that can convert pants into options for wearing during pregnancy, so we'll have to stop by target and get one of those. Yeah, exciting stuff, this is our life! Lastly allegedly we will begin posting size of belly pics. Something to look forward to!

Remember the Titans is on tv. I like the movie but there are 2 things that bother me. 1 is the scene where Gerry (yeah I looked up the name on IMDB, not sure why its not Gary) points at the other coach randomly, which doesn't serve a purpose and I don't know that it would ever happen. The other is the fact that Julius is a high schooler when in Above the Rim which was filmed over 6 yrs earlier he was an adult thug. Since many of us who played basketball at Alden Community High School have seen Above the Rim an exorbitant amount of time, its just hard to reconcile that. Sorry, I felt that I needed to share that, its random, still a great movie.

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