Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thoughts at 32 weeks...

So the day is finally here...for me (Lela) to add some thoughts to this blog of ours! Life has been pretty crazy and hectic during most of my pregnancy and I'm hopeful that work (and life) will slow down a bit these next couple months to allow for Mike to prepare for the new little one's arrival.
On Friday, I had my 32 week doctor appointment and am happy to report that everything went well - good heartbeat and I'm measuring at 32 cm. I have remained very active through a combination of running, swimming, lifting weights, and prenatal yoga and must say that I truly feel that this has helped contribute to how great I have felt throughout pregnancy (and help to keep me sane:).

Other thoughts on pregnancy....
- I have been very entertained and amazed by the various kicks and other acrobatic moves that I've been felt from the baby the past few weeks and I am happy to say that Mike has even had the pleasure of feeling many of these movements too! I can safely say that these baby "movements" are the one thing I will miss after pregnancy.
- Continue to notice the "interesting" looks various people give me in public, especially from various co-workers as I'm generally heading to the restroom several times a day it seems! The looks seem to vary from a general stare at the belly when I'm at Target and the same look when I'm on my neighborhood running route. Not sure that I've adopted the pregnancy "waddle" yet but I'll keep you posted...
- Luckily I still have retained the ability to sleep as if I am hibernating (or in a coma) but it is a challenge knowing you no longer have the option to sleep on your back or stomach. I will see how the rest of this journey goes with my sleep patterns but I do have a boppy pillow that I use to support my belly and have to say that one night after returning to bed from a trip to the bathroom, Mike had swallowed up my pillow and claimed it as his own in the few minutes I had been away...he had joked on multiple occasions that he would like his own boppy and apparently he really wanted one that night!

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