Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthing classes

Lela and I have now been to 2 birthing classes. Class 1 was very informative and luckily nothing too graphic. Basically we learned the basics about the whole birth process. By “we” I mean me and the other 12 or so dad’s in the class as I think most of the mom’s were just there to support us and say, "yeah honey I knew that like 5 months ago." Yes, birthing class appears to be as much as the future mom’s helping the dad’s get a clue as it is about the dad’s learning how to support the wives and get them through the glory that is labor. The class starts at 7 and lasted til almost 9:30 on the first night. Is it really a good idea to keep pregnant women up that late? They at least have snacks so the pregnant ones might just be suffering from sleep deprivation and don’t have food deprivation anger increase any problems. Of course since Lela wants to stay up til 12 every night, no worry of either! Second class they showed some video, basically what you would expect, not exactly fun to watch, but it has to happen.

Lela is still doing well. We joined a new gym that enables her to swim in addition to other workout things so that’s been nice. She says the baby seems to move practically all day, which at this point sounds like she thinks it’s more fun than a pain. I have even gotten to feel a few times when she’s moving around in there, it’s pretty funny really. No creepers have tried to touch Lela’s belly, hopefully we can stick with that pattern for the next 2 months! We are still buying stuff, holy crap there are many things to think about. I mean I thought you bought a crib, some clothes and diapers and a dresser maybe but there’s a lot more thought to it. We have been using a Baby Bargains book that my ex coworker Nicole gave us in addition to consumer reports so we have to run everything through those sources before buying.

We are getting our house painted. It was probably overdue; some of it was really starting to peel. Decided to roll with a similar simple plan and keep it brown, though a darker brown and change the trim to white. I will drop in some before and after pics once its done . . . being done will depend largely on if it ever stops raining. I am not going to complain about the rain as its nice to just keep it cool in June as long as possible and keep the grass growing.

No real developments on the Cooper front. He has gotten pretty good at catching the Frisbee in the air. Not sure if that’s more fun for him or for us, but we’ll take what we can get for either party.
I dropped a few pics of Lela, Cooper and the 2 of them together. Please note these are the few times we could get Cooper to remain down!

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