Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Church

Today was Emma's first Sunday going to church. She was so excited she decided she couldn't sleep from 12:30-2:30, which kept mom awake for that period of time and dad intermittently awake. I have confirmed with several dad's that their baby's cry doesn't wake them up nearly as fast as it does mom, so I don't feel like quite as much of a failure. Also, mom's are funny as I was exhausted from barely getting up those 2 hrs, whereas Lela woke me up because Emma looked cute. UMMM, its 2 am. . .

Anyway, we were all geared up to make church happen, getting Emma up almost 2 hrs before we needed to leave to eat. We had everything set to go and were right on time leaving when Emma decided she wanted to eat first. Umm, Emma, WE HAVE A SCHEDULE. Anyway, we had a feeding that we thought was enough, yet efficient and were off. Then 5 min into the ride, Emma decided, it wasn't enough, and that "she didn't want to be hurried" and needed to eat NOW again. The not wanting to be hurried part reminds me of my mom, my wife and about 90% of women I know, so apparently they are born with it! Okay, while all women are now cursing my name, back to the story. We then stopped on our way to get a feeding in as our church is currently 25 min and about 20 stop lights away. When we finally got to church, we were 20 min late, which in Heartland language means missing the worship part (songs basically). We were bummed as that's always a great way to start the Sunday, but got over it. Church was about 50 degrees inside as usual, so Lela had to take Emma out to the entrance area as she didn't enjoy the deep freeze as much as Dad. It was pretty crazy, but seemed almost like a fun time, which I think officially makes me crazy. Also, I know as a parent you pay attention less to a certain extent because you can't just focus in on Deeble, but at the same time sitting there with my ladies reminds me of how blessed I am! Also a second time, we did notice that the series on Grace was over the Sunday before Emma was born, further verifying that her middle name is perfect and meant to be!

Few observations from today's happenings.
1) Having a baby gives way to many more encounters with random people, sometimes in a good way. For instance, a couple at church with a 9 week old introduced themselves after church as they noticed Lela was no longer pregnant and sat near us often. These type of encounters are very welcome, always nice to meet some new people who are going through similar things. As we left church I noticed that it was about 80 percent people with babies standing around talking, so it must be very much a networking deal. Thanks for your help Emma.
2) Having a baby gives way to many more encounters with random people, and sometimes in a not good way. See scary lady in Costco after church who I was afraid might steal Emma if she wasn't so worried about getting her Marlbaro Lights. We thought weird people trying to touch Lela's belly was going to be bad (which never really happened), that's almost scarier.
3) I hate stop lights. Can parents get a device that's like the ambulance thing that changes lights to green and use it during certain times? I mean driving to church on Sunday morning I think would be an okay time, there's nobody on the road, and um, we're going to freaking church! Of course our church is moving closer to us and to a location where we hit less stop lights in November, just in time for us to hopefully be less stressed on the ride, but still, they need to make this legal and make it happen. Dad's Against Dating needs to start a subcommittee to pursue this, we can use the same technology when tracking our daughters using GPS technology when they are 10 min late for curfew and might be with a boy. Yeah, it'll happen, don't worry about it.
4) We get like half of what we used to get done now that we have Emma. We literally just stare at her for hours and think of things we could do to take another picture.

Additionally, Friday our doula came over and brought a neat timeline and pictures of the whole day Emma was born. She was such a great investment and this just furthered our opinion of that! We'll make sure to PGize those pics and get them up and running.

Anyway, I need to get some stuff done around the house. Right now as I am typing, Cooper is wimpering in his sleep, Emma is humming in hers while on Mom's chest, while Mom may or may not have her mouth wide open. Life is good!

Few random poses

Mom and Emma are ready to go!

Hooray for church! Emma says thanks to Lily Osterhaus for her awesome dress that actually fits her! :)

Already good at posing. . .

Mom and Emma resting after an already long day. Love the arm draped around mom almost like a hug.

Remember this guy? right here he's garding some of Emma's things. By guarding I mean, waiting for me to turn so he can consider licking it.

This pose indicates that even at an early age, Emma might try to take advantage of the fact that Dad works for a cell phone company. . .

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