Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2 weeks

Well we have officially completed the first 2 weeks of life with Emma. It seems like forever ago that I was yelling at the customer service dude at Target and taking Lela to the hospital, yet the time with Emma has seemed to absolutely fly. Emma knocked out another 4 hr chunk of sleep last night again. . . it would be nice if that would happen twice in a night! I can’t complain, I honestly didn’t hear her once last night, Lela does all the work, I just try to look pretty for the pictures.

Lela is doing well. Lela got a new pair of shoes in the mail yesterday and is getting the urge to run already, so that’s a good sign she’s doing well. Lela is also trying to test our ice machine and she’s winning. For those of you without babies in the last few years, they give this giant mug with a straw to mom’s to ensure they keep hydrated. Its like a nalgene, but the straw makes the water flow like. . .well water. So our ice machine which doesn’t do the best anyway has been taxed a lot as Lela fills that sucker up at least 3 times a day. The mug o’ water also is Lela’s favorite thing to leave somewhere else. If I had a nickel for every time we were downstairs and Lela said, “My water is upstairs and I can’t leave as Emma is feeding, can you go get it for me. . . ?” or vise versa, I’d have at least a few dollars. Similar quotes are also applicable for the boppy btw. Did I say its easy to be a new dad? Its really hard, what with the going up and coming down steps all the timeJ

Emma had her last appt til the end of the month yesterday to make sure she gained weight. She’s up to 7 lbs 7 oz, so she is definitely eating well. It’s hard because you don’t want them to grow up as it’s pretty neat having a little peanut, but at the same time its fun to see them grow. Everything else is good, including the fact that her cord finally fell off over the weekend, which excites me a lot. Why you ask – because now we don’t have to flip the top of her diaper over when changing her, and less complication is good for clumsy dad.

Yesterday was my first day back at work. Its nice to get back into the flow, but it is really hard to not get to see Emma whenever I want. Also today was my first day back at the gym. Emma might be good for my workouts, I am motivated to be efficient and get home to see her, even if she is just sleeping when I leave and when I get back. Granted Mom and Dad aren’t going to get to work out together nearly as much as we have worked out together for 5+ years, but it’s worth the sacrifice I think (and Lela would agree, even though she’s a workout addict). For days we run, it won’t be much different as Lela and I used to leave together and I would arrive home significantly later than her, now we will just leave at different times!

Looks like summer arrived this week in KC. I don’t say finally as I am not a huge fan of 95 degree weather, hopefully its short lived. No pics today just yet, maybe Mom and Grandma H (who is down here visiting) should get on that . .

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