Monday, August 17, 2009


So once again, this summer never ceases to amaze me. It continues to rain and be relatively cool in August in KC, which isn't supposed to happen! Again, no complaints. God decided it would be extra funny to mess with us Sunday. It was somewhat rainy on the drive, but we figured, everyone leaves the spaces next to the door open for elderly and people with babies. Now that we are those people with babies, we took some comfort in the fact that we would have a 15 ft walk into church. Well as we got to within a mile, the downpour began. "This won't be so bad because you know, we are now baby's momma and dad we could you know, use the 15 ft away spaces and be fine." Well by the time we got to church, it was raining so hard I couldn't see the church from our car 15 ft away. Needless to say, Emma went into church a bit wet, which is extra fun since our church is generally at about 60 degrees. Emma did well, her hair was 100% fro'ed out by the end of the service, but again, this was a dirty trick played on us!

We had several different visitors this weekend. Nicole and Matt Van Denabeele brought their baby Clara over to meet Emma (and food which is always appreciated!). Its fun to see older babies as Clara is interactive now, and definitely dwarfs Emma, so we both have some things to look forward to and it gives perspective as to appreciating her dwarfedness. Sunday Jeff and Heather Buhr brought over their 3 year old Riley to meet Emma (also food, we should have more kids so people bring us more food:). Riley loved Emma, and its also fun to see older kids interact with the baby. Having 2 groups over on 2 days didn't sound so bad for pre-Emma us, but it now seems like a lot! I of course added to the fun Sunday as since it was raining (see previous paragraph) I had worn a jacket to church. Well I had put the keys in my jacket pocket which in the winter wouldn't be a problem, however, in case you didn't know, its summer. . .So I spent about 3 hrs throughout the day looking for the keys, which was especially fun for the outside in the car parts as it was 1000% pre rain humidity, so I may have been drenched when the Buhr's arrived. I may have also been told several times by my lovely wife that that is the reason we have key hooks in our house. . .

Lela has been going through some of the boxes of stuff she inherited when her dad passed and we have been going through old pictures. First of all, I am not sure Emma could look more like her mom, so that's good (I think I mentioned that previously). Secondly, we were reminded that fashion in the 80s was less than stellar and when you throw in a crazy Korean mom, it gets extra interesting. Lastly, how did people exist before digital camera's??? I paid homage to the boppy earlier, but I think the digital camera is even more integral to the whole baby process. We seriously take so many pictures every day, even me who is Mr. I Complain when Mom makes us take Endless Pictures at any gathering wants to take pictures. And now we don't have to develop the 50% that are blurry or have heads cut off or have any number of other problems. As we go through those pictures, we wonder "why would you have that picture. . . oh, they didn't have digital camera's." Almost like if you pay for it you have to make it worth it.

I have also been a sappy dad lately - I am not Mr. Emotional by any means and my ability to convey emotions is probably worse! I used to think that being a dad would make me feel the emotions that good dad or guy movies make you feel. For example, the movie the Patriot is one that stirs emotion as a dad as you know he is bonding with his sons, protecting them, killing the British who try to come after his family, etc. There are others, but I won’t babble, long story a little shorter, I always thought that being a dad would evoke those type of protect this house (UnderArmour style) emotions. Being a dad, especially of a girl, though it isn’t devoid of that emotion, really isn’t the aforementioned emotion.

So far, its been more of an “I want people to treat my little girl well and love her” type emotion, which while somewhat expected, but not to this extent. Articulation is not my strength so I will try to explain. There are 3 songs that I stop the radio on are songs I will stop for and things that I would download on Itunes if I did that sort of thing (for now I am just a nerdy podcast listener). They are as follows:
1) More Beautiful You – Johnny Diaz (yep, his name is Johnny, which amuses me)
2) Daughter – Loudon Wainwright III (I know this from a church father’s day montage, not from watching Knocked Up 34 timesJ)
3) Cinderella Song – Steven Curtis Chapman (sad but great story underlying this one, look it up)

First of all, great songs, if you haven’t listened to them look them up and listen to them, they are amazing. Secondly, I am more of a talk radio guy so to say that I change the station looking for these or stop when they come on is saying something in the first place. Each of them seems to evoke emotions that are great where you just want your daughter to be treated well and can’t wait to be her dad in life. I grew up seeing through my parents’ interaction and through bible studies and other Christian stuff learning that women are to be respected and treated a certain way, partly because everybody’s somebody’s daughter and you should respect that relationship and of course because its the right thing to do and all that. Made sense and can’t say I disagreed with it, but now that has become more real, since you know, I am somebody’s father. Its really one of the cooler emotions I have ever felt.

I put this in a blog (which I generally try to keep more light hearted) for several reasons.
1) I know a few moms out there read this and I am guessing that I am not the first guy to feel this about his daughter. Chances are he’s like me and terrible at conveying this to his spouse (ie this is really the first time Lela has seen these thoughts because me trying to say them out loud generally sounds, well dumb) and I think its good for mom’s to know at least a little what is the complex simplicity that makes up the male mind. Yes, I try to justify our simple minds being good by calling them complex, but anyway, hopefully this provides some insight into the heart of a new dad.
2) Hopefully it further inspires all you parents of boys out there to teach your sons to treat women right as it really is important. I know not every boy out there will approach Emma with the respect she deserves, but I want to lessen the number of boys in the world I may have to intimidate physically.
3) It reminds me how important every moment is for me and for Emma. We have been going through the endless boxes that Lela accumulated when her dad passed away just over 7 years ago and though some things bring a smile to her face, it saddens me as a husband and dad to see some of the underlying sadness of never getting to share a granddaughter with her dad or be walked down the isle by her dad or any other number of things. I am sure Lela’s dad would have loved just as much to experience those things and every other moment, so it has really lead me to be very cognizant of spending every moment I can for now and forever with Emma.
Enough of the serious stuff, time for some pics!
Big eyes!

Emma and Mom hanging with Lily and Mom

Emma loves the swing

This is our favorite face that Emma makes!

Emma cuddled up in her sling

Dad and Emma

Riley Buhr and Emma chilling on the couch.

Can't get enough pics of Emma and mom

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