Friday, August 21, 2009

One month!

Well today is Emma's one month bday. Wow, I know everyone says it goes by fast, but it really does! It seems like just yesterday I was yelling at a customer service guy at Target en route to pick up Lela to take her to the hospital. Its amazing to see how much she's progressed and yet is the same. Thankfully, the only time she really fusses is when she's hungry (again, a girl after my own heart) and she's sleeping a bit better, but still not through the night, though the amount she sleeps is still certainly nothing we complain about as its not that bad (I will ask Lela if its that bad during Emma's 2 am feeding tonight). Lela couldn't make it through the night anyway for reasons most breastfeeding moms would understand, but it will be nice when we can get Emma to the point where we can just take a shift so the other parent can get a more solid block of sleep. Regardless the first month has been more fulfilling than we ever expected, so we are excited for each month to come!

For now since we are both working out a fair amount, sleep during the week seems to be hard to find! I have been getting up around 4:30 to 4:45 so that I can go run or hit up the gym and then let Lela work out after I get back. At least the weather has been nothing short of phenomal so I want to run every day! Lela has been able to go for a few runs and everything seems to be going well (knock on wood) so that has been exciting as Lela seems to feel like less of a person when she can't run and I can tell secretly wants to punch me when I was able to go on runs and she was not. She never admitted that, but since I am so good at understanding the very simple female mind, I figured it out.

Tomorrow also marks a special day for the Huebners. On that day, 7 years ago Lela and I met. I remember seeing her walking down the steps of Trowbridge hall as we were both lost trying to figure out where our TA meeting. I was instantly in love. Lela . . . was apparently less moved at the moment than I. Good thing I am such a smooth operator and eventually won over her heart (I will leave out the part where that process took a year for prides' sake). Without that fateful day there may be no Emma!

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