Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is the weekend here yet?

Emma decided that last night was going to be way too fun to sleep, so the Huebners are dragging a bit today! First she didn’t want to go to sleep for the night, so her and I got up and watched Return of the Jedi til about 11:20. Emma obviously loved it as she fell asleep, she was glad when Luke turned Darth back and would likely get mad at Episode III if we watched it when Anakin turns to the dark side (has my nerdiness ever been more apparent???) Then she had a 3am play time scheduled that she forgot to tell us about. First she ate, then she didn’t want to sleep so I got up to rock her, then she didn’t want to sleep so I gave her back to mom as that generally means its time for more food. Just to give you a taste of life with a postpartum pregnant lady, I turned on the tv for her, gently set the remote next to her knee and laid down. I was then told I was in trouble for “throwing the remote somewhere” as Lela couldn’t find it even after I told her “here is the remote” as I set it down next to her (did I mention GENTLY?). I fell asleep and was awaken by Lela to say sorry she scolded me, she was just tired and emotional. Thanks honey I understood that, which is why I just rolled over and passed out in spite of allegedly throwing the remote across the room into an abyss (aren’t I extra sensitive at 3:30am?). . . I was then awakened again to look at how cute Emma’s feet were when she eats. Again, mom’s work harder than we dad’s, that is not in dispute, but they may be a little crazy too! Lack of sleep does suck as a new parent, but I was more than happy to get to spend some extra cuddle time with Emma. Emma in general is a pretty decent sleeper too and hasn’t shown us much of the “I want to be awake just to be awake” but more of a “I am awake because I am hungry people” so we won’t complain on any front.

Part of the reason the night was so rough was because I had decided the night before that I was going to go to spin class at the gym. I haven’t been to a spin class since we lived in Denver (over 3 years ago) as our original gym had classes that were less than desirable we’ll just say. So when I got up at 3 with Emma, I may have decided that I might as well get a snack in because I was going to the gym in the morning right? Well I got up before 5 to make sure I made it there in time, so let’s just say it was a rough awakening after the theatrics. Also, I was reminded how truly hard Spin class is as about 30 min in I was past the whole holy crap I am exhausted and might not make it through class, I had moved into, ‘I seriously am not sure I want to continue living because this hurts so bad’ stage. Hopefully I can walk tomorrow!

We finally finished our summer sweet corn last night. When dad came down last week he picked a bunch and brought it with us. Even though its blasphemous to eat corn after the day its picked to my dad we continued for a week trying to eat away and finally finished it last night. We are now done with corn for the summer, I think I have finally worked through any weakness in my intestines!

We continue to try to widdle down which pictures of Emma to get from her photo shoot but its freakin hard. We still have 70% of them on the list!

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