Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big week

Last week was a pretty big week for Emma. She got to meet her aunt, uncle and 2 cousins (the Johnsons) as they came down from Vinton, IA. We had a great time, many pics were taken and of course the 5 ladies went out for some retail therapy. Julia had a lot to say about it, as she does about any subject since she’s a 3 year old, and the rest of the fam enjoyed holding the lil Wasian. Grandma H was also down the entire week to help Lela out and Grandpa H came down with the Johnsons and helped me out with a few things. It was a crazy week, but it was good to see everyone and have the help. We’ll get pics up tonight of the week, I promise!

Emma also had her first full fledged bath. Her umbilical cord fell off so she could do the whole water emersion thing. I did not get the pleasure of being there, but it sounds like it went well. She looks extra cute in her little towel outfit, and I heard she celebrated by having some milk.

Emma continues to be a good baby, generally only fussing when she’s hungry. She does enjoy playing with her mom at random times, sometimes 3 am, sometimes 5 am and dad and her have to go rock or do something so mom doesn’t lose her mind! She also loves going on walks, and by that I mean she sleeps on them. I wish my definition of loving things would be I get to nap through them. “I just love to clean.” Think about how great that would be! Its been hot, so she feels warm by the end of some of the walks, but it doesn’t seem to effect her, even with her ‘fro keeping her extra warm. Hopefully this heat subsides soon and then we won’t worry about overheating the little one.

Lela was cleaning out some of her old boxes last weekend and we found some pictures of her as an infant. Emma pretty much looks exactly the same as Lela, so that’s good. We really didn’t want Emma looking too much like her dad, as my face on a female and Asianized wouldn’t be pretty!

I decided this weekend that I need to buck up and run in the KC half marathon in October. I finally got my Brooks “Beast” shoes which should help out the feet and issues I have been having with them and this’ll give me something to motivate me into running hard without Lela to motivate me and be my Asian Rabbit.

Lastly we finally got our pictures back from Emma’s photo session on day 3 of her life. They are simply amazing; Maura did a great job as did Emma. We want to buy them all, unfortunately we haven’t won the lottery and Sprint still hasn’t named me CEO (weird huh?) , so that’s not economically feasible just yet! Anyway just go to this link - http://mauraphotography.com/index2.php . Under client slide shows enter our last name, no caps and it should take you to the slide show.
Few bath pics for those of you not on facebook, we'll get more pics up later. As I said there, she looks very Jedi like in her post bath outfit.

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