Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More visitors and first hawkeye game

It’s been a long time since we posted. Dan, the lead pastor at our church, challenged us all to try to go a week without some sort of technology and see how it affects your life, so I gave up blogging. Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, but we had a fair amount going on so I sort of wanted to get on, but resisted. What I learned is that I do often get more done when I am not distracted by the “ooh, I need to blog about that” or the act of blogging itself which takes time. But I KNOW the world wants to see Emma, so I can’t keep that from the world permanently right????

Anyway, a week ago Grandpa and Grandma Huebner came down to see Emma. We had a good time, Dad as always, helped me out with some projects as he is WAY more innovative on how to fix things than I. Mom and Lela got pedi’s, which is their favorite thing to do and overall we just plain had a good time. We also enjoyed a Sprint bbq, which of course gave us a chance to dress up Emma, which is quickly becoming our favorite thing to do (well mostly lela, because you know, I am a guy and rugged and don’t care about clothes and showers and stuff. . . )

Last weekend, many things happened. Lela’s best friend Kelly came from Charlotte. We had a great time, including trips to Blue Koi and out to Jun’s, our favorite hole in the wall, yet not so hole in the wall you are scared, sushi place. It of course also marked the first weekend of college football. In addition to Kelly, another Iowa grad friend Bobbie brought her little boy Dylan over to watch the game. You may think that as a guy, watching the game with 3 moms and 2 babies would be problematic for me. However, as they are lady Hawkeyes (clearly the smartest of all classifications of ladies, not that ladies in general aren’t smart. . .hole being dug, time to move on) and due to the fact that the game was WAAAAY closer than any of us wanted it to be, the talk about babies, the birthing process, all of that kind of stuff didn’t seem to be problematic at all for me!! Due to the fact that Bobbie and Kelly both have boys that will be in Emma’s grade growing up, we (by we, I mean I) practiced the phrase “platonic friends” with Emma, and I think she really grasped it. Anyway, we had a great time with Kelly here and were sad to see her go.

Emma had her 1 month appointment, even though she was almost 6 weeks that day. She is ranked around the 75th percentile for height and weight, but in the 38th for head size. Hopefully we even that out soon:) She’s really started to lock in as far as eye contact goes, so that’s fun and sometimes I think she is smiling but its hard to tell as its not as sustained as we want! She can also support her weight and enjoys pushing off my chest and looking at me, only to be following by a swaying headbutt. She is great, she is so fun to hold and just hang out with. Now for the pics!

So hard to wake up. . .
Still hard, maybe to the point where I am starting the flip the bird

Post bath holy crap look
And ready for the big debut at the bbq

missing something
There's the headband aunt Jill gave me!

Grandpa and Grandma are fun to the point they make me want to nap

But sometimes I will awaken when they are here to show of the eyes

Chubby legs

Chubby arms!

So let me get this straight, I have to go to bed every night at 8??? Ridiculous!

Practicing with the Hawkeye onesie before the game
Go hawks!!!!
Bobbie and Emma
Dylan and Emma. There are about 1,000 of these, but this one sums up Emma's feelings about the Hawkeyes play as Dylan appears to be forming an opinion on the emotions of a woman.Phew, we won. Again, platonic relationship. . .

Mom and emma celebrating with a possible milk toast to come

Kelly and Dylan Sushi time!

I will wear the stinking dress as long as you feed me.

You mean I have to get dressed up all the time?


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