Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Its been awhile since we last posted on the blog and this is a big week for the Huebners so I figured I had better post! Last week we got word that Dad was going to have surgery primarily to fix a faulty valve in his heart, so we prepared to head up to Des Moines for the surgery. First of all, holy crap its hard to pack with a baby around! The day before we were hoping Lela could pack up so we could just tie up loose ends and get out the door early on Thursday. Emma forgot to tell us she had a planned growth spurt that day and thus spent the entire day eating, so when I came home and asked if Lela had gotten much packing done, the response was a “how in the world could I have done this with this thing attached to me!” look. Noted honey. We did get out the next morning and got to Des Moines before the surgery was over, it went long as it was more complex than they originally thought, but it went well apparently. It was really hard to see Dad after the surgery as obviously he was on various medications, but he was a trooper apparently and got out of the hospital Monday afternoon!

A lot of things as far as milestones going on this week. First Emma turned 2 months old on Monday. She is developing every day it seems, starting to show a real personality. She has begun to smile more and more frequently, though apparently much longer and more frequently with her mom than I. Apparently just because she has the ability to produce milk she is inherently cooler? Emma does like to snuggle on chests and as mine doesn’t have the smell of said milk, she is more willing to do it and not wake up to eat every 5 min, so being a dad ain’t all bad! Sunday after church we dropped off some of the clothes Lela had borrowed while still pregnant from Lindsay and it was crazy to see that Emma might outweigh her 7 week older counterpart Lily! For now, Lanky Emma is not, that’s for sure, though we are pretty sure once she mobilizes all that is going to mean is she has even more energy before she thins out. Umm, can’t wait?

On Tuesday, the Coopster turned 1. He really has started to progress more, which is welcome, but I think we are going to have to wait a bit longer to get one of those goldens who chills at your feet and sleeps much of the day. We also started using the furminator tool to mark his 1st bday as allegedly you should wait so you don’t ruin their coat. Its fabulous, the shedding is down a lot and hopefully that continues!

Today is our 3 year anniversary also! Lela and I were just talking about how crazy it seems that its already been three years! Its been great thus far and with our new addition, its only become more fun!

Friday I turn the big 3-0. Seems somewhat surreal to be hitting that mile marker.
We’ll post some pics later as I don’t have them on my computer.

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  1. You guys have a lot going on this week. Happy Anniversay and Happy Birthday to you, Cooper, and Emma!