Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well, its weird. One year ago our lives completely changed when Emma decided to join the fun of the outside world. She may have come early, she may have come sideways, but she came with a furry of laughter and fun. It is the weirdest feeling to know how much she has grown, how different she is every day, and how much the worst day can go to the best day with just one squeal. Because this year has been such a joyous blur, I picked a semi random bunch of pics from the last year to remind of us all the stages of Emma. And I left them out of order because of that blurriness. . it has nothing to do with the fact that when I uploaded them they got out of order and I didn't want to spend an hour trying to re-organize them. Nothing at all, so move along. Happy first b-day to the most precious gift we could have asked for!

Emma watching her first hawkeye game, phew almost lost that one!

Emma going out on the town with mom and dad

One of the first Emma laughs, something that is now a staple

the precious nap with mouth open. .

Emma at her first race, very confused!

Emma making friends now that she is fully mobile

Emma at her first Easter

Emma's pig tails, love em

Our little prodigy already reading, amazing!

Emma learning the fine art of pretending to be sick so she can stay up later

Emma's first swing ride

Nothing makes emma more happy than getting up in the morning

Emma's first trip to the pool

The hair is fun at bath time

Emma playing serious with her cousins

The "I'm about to get tired and cranky" lip

Play time in the winter

Emma loves her Hawkeyes, watching the Orange Bowl here

The Huebner ladies

Completely cheesing it

Very good perspective on "the fro"

Our little flower

Sup, how you doin?

Loving the car ride

G-ing it, even in the first 3 months

Emma at her dedication

Mommy showing off her new girl

Just born. . .

Just a few days before the big day! Looking good after her last pre-Emma run

One of the last Lela and Cooper pics. After Emma came, Coops became secondary

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