Monday, July 12, 2010

Emma's new toys

These are not conventional toys but lately they are what Emma chooses to play with.
Friday I had our real estate agent over to help advise us on possibilities on rugs and blinds. While we were talking and I had a lovely curtain rod in my hand, I turned around and Emma was already on step #3. HOly crap! After I ran around trying to get rid of the rod, Emma showed off by climbing up the entire staircase, with me of course sitting about 2 inches behind her secretly freaking out.
The other item is the chair. Emma seriously will play on the chair for hours at a time. She generally has an item in hand also while she climbs up on it, as if she doesn't want to get up there and discover she has nothing to play with. She has also been getting up on it on her knees and will jive around. . .sometimes with no hands. . . again with me 2 inches behind secretly freaking out. Through these things among others I have discovered that Emma is a very determined little girl. She will go silent for extended periods of time just going up and down on her chair and turning around, occasionally taking a few minute break to stand next to the chair and do a little dance. If she ever drops a toy that she brought up with her she logically gets off the chair and then grab the item and get back on. its mesmerizing and hilarious all at the same time. And on both items I can see Lela's concentration in her face which makes it even more enjoyable.
Anyway, sorry for the short post, just thought those were some interesting developments.

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