Thursday, July 8, 2010

If you ain't a goldfish, you ain't sh--

To add to my previous post, Emma clearly is fighting off addiction. . . to goldfish. I have been trying each night to give her canned food and for the first 2 nights back had the bag of goldfish in view - game over. Being the tough dad I am, I of course didn't cave. Well I sort of caved but not fully, I gave up on the canned fruit (I think the mushiness may not be Emma's thing) and went with fresh fruit. Since I haven't really had time to grocery shop and have been eating take out more than I would like to admit, all that means is bananas. Emma knocked out 3/4 of a banana, which amazed me. Of course there was also room for various meats, because Emma is extremely carnivorous. I like this mostly because I rarely eat very vegetarianesque and because I love the word carnivorous, even though I am only 50% sure it is a word and refuse to check a dictionary for fear of being proved it isn't a word. My other fail safe food is nutragrain bars. Emma literally licks her fingers clean which is humorous until she screams when I try to get the food in between her fingers.

Few other things with Ems
1) She now enjoys covering her mouth and doing the whole stereotype of american Indians thing.
2) Emma has begun to throw her food which is lovely. She used to accidentally drop things, now if she doesn't want thing she tries to sneak throw things. And then laughs as if that well cover it up. Okay, it works sometimes, I won't lie.
3) Its becoming more and more easy to be able to tell when emma is full. She starts spitting out food but also will lean her head back and squeel. Very cute.
4) Emma is learning to share. By that I mean she will hold out and object expecting you to grab it from her. Problem being she doesn't get the concept of letting go sometimes, but if you pull hard enough she'll let go. This can entertain her for a solid half hour.

I am very ready to get my wife back this weekend, Emma smiles every time I put Lela on speaker. Emma and I can handle ourselves but the house just feels so empty. Happy weekend!

Mmmmmmm, nutragrain bars

Emma loves books and here she is showing off in her chair pretending to read. She thought it was the funniest thing ever.

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