Monday, July 19, 2010

No more hair in these eyes

Not much going on as we are preparing for Emma's first birthday crazy wasian gangsta bash. One thing is that most nights emma has gone to a pure banana and meat diet. You can put things in front of her other than that, which she generally will nonchalantly pick up and throw on the floor while looking at you as if she is saying "um, I don't know if you knew this but this is not meat, and its not banana, therefore it goes on the floor. . .homeboy". The last part is her gangsta flair. Anyway, this creates some interesting um results but most nights there isn't much to fight her, plus its not like she is requesting cupcakes from Small Cakes or something even though those are a slice of heaven. . . I think I just started drooling with hunger. Anyway, Emma has also seemed to figure out how to request such items and sort of says 'nana' or she's just babbling and I am projecting words here.

Emma has also seemed to get a real attachment to Lela now that she is back from mofoing NYC FORRREVVER. Sorry, had to add that. Tonight Emma literally said "Momma" when I asked her who was walking through the door and then squealed with delight when she walked in. Emma also was struggling with the old hair in the eyes conundrum so we had to start pulling it up which is hilarious as seen below. She's a pretty good sport so far. Only 15 or so more years of Mom v. Emma hair battles. . .why didn't we request a boy from the stork again???

Its rough getting these things in place

You seriously are going to leave my hair like this?

okay, I guess it is pretty funny!

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