Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Race day part 2

Last weekend it was Lela's turn to run in a half marathon. It was 4 months almost to the day from when Emma decided to join us, so I was pretty proud of Lela for doing so well in the race! It was a pretty decent day for mid November, even nicer than the weather I had for my race in mid October! I have to admit it was also fun to be a spectator, possibly more fun than running in the race. Rather than the "why the eff am I doing this" feeling I generally have during races, I was able to have some Starbucks, dress so I was at no time cold (as in a race I generally dress so I don't get hot from running), enjoy hanging next to drink stations where they rocked some LL Cool J and Snoop Doggy Dogg, observe the underarmour 3% body fat dude who 3 miles later became the dude who had decided to take off his shirt even though it was still only 45 degrees and windy out as everyone laughed at him (sorry, if you don't want to be laughed at, don't be ridiculous), and many other fun citings. It did make it easier that, as usual, Emma was an angel and just slept the whole race. Emma had brought home a cold and given it to her mom as a special present so we were also battling that all week, which made for a fun week of getting to the race with a sick baby and wife! Anyway, enough about me, Lela did great, we were very proud of her, and we both wish we were as fast as her!

Emma's 4 month appt was today. She has gotten pretty big! She is 15 lbs, 13 oz which puts her at 86th percentile, 25 inches (72nd percentile), and her head is at the 47th percentile. The doc said she's right around normal since breastfed babies tend to be bigger prior to 4th months. Everything else was great, and I think Emma may have a flare for the dramatic. We asked if she should be rolling over yet, the doc was going into how generally when babies are this big they tend to roll a bit later but that's not an issue. . approximately 30 seconds later Emma just about rolled herself off the table! This was before the shots, which while Emma screamed for about 30 seconds, she took like a champ.
Few other observations about us/Emma
1) Maybe its just us, but Emma seems to expand her diaper quite a bit, which creates what we call "diaper toe". . . you can figure that out, makes us laugh every time we say it and yes we are 5.
2) Emma also found her voice a little over a week ago and is cooing and giggling all over the place. She even busted some out for the doctor today.
3) Emma is a very warm baby. There are times when I can't hold her as we just heat each other up and one of us gets upset. Emma doesn't like it either. . .We feel bad dropping her off at daycare dressed with less clothes than other babies, but they assure us she doesn't get cold. Only time in her life less clothes than normal will be acceptable, so she'd better enjoy!
4) At daycare, Emma loves the jumperoo, they say she can spend a lot of time in there. Maybe she will be a baller, as previously stated projected at PG.
5) There also seems to be a lot of boys in her 9 baby room at daycare. . not sure how I feel about that. They also took a picture of her when she was holding one boys hand last week, though I think they may have superimposed it. Even though we have been very busy the last few weeks, this has led me to search for an all girls day care. . .you think I am kidding don't you. . .
6) Emma loves to sleep on people. When she was in the throws of her cold, she would sometimes only sleep on me. Its all well and good until it creates a lack of sleep for Dad along with some punches thrown in her sleep.
Anyway, here's some pics!
Lela's too fast for my picture taking. .
Emma sporting Daddy's hat since he forgot hers. . .looks good to me!

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