Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Fun

While the holidays are fun and all, they have clearly taken a toll on my ability to update the blog! We have been crazy busy picking out stuff for the house, shopping and trying to get as much QT with Emma as possible. We headed up to Iowa for Thanksgiving and overall everything went well! Emma got a little tired of being in her car seat and her schedule got a bit out of wack, but some of that is to be expected. It was also our first road trip with Cooper and Emma and he actually did well also. Our trip back to KC ended up being a bit longer than we expected as we had some probs. We stopped in Des Moines to get some food and give Emma a break from the car seat which went fine. About a half hour south of DM, Emma wasn’t happy to be in her seat so we stopped to see if she wanted food. In the process we discovered that she had pooped some so lela took her into the gas station to change her. . . Well Lela forgot the diaper bag that had a change of close in it and as Emma often does she had blown through her diaper so Lela carried Emma to the car in 40 degree weather in nothing but a diaper, which didn’t look WT at all!:) Anyway, we got everything fixed up and the rest of the drive was relatively uneventful with the main occurrence being Cooper falling asleep while sitting up because he isn’t used to being entertained for 6+ hrs at a time!

We did also finally get a camcorder, so we will be getting some Emma vids up on the site. Emma has really started to show more and more personality, which is great. She discovered she could talk a few weeks ago so is cooing up a storm. This can be problematic when she decides in church that she wants to be heard, but we’ll take the problems with all the fun! She has also started to be able to sit in a tripod position, which is great and loved to grab things and stick them into her mouth. Feeding is becoming more of a pain as Emma is more and more interested in the world around her rather than just her bottle and tends to talk while eating. We are trying to hold her off real food as long as possible, but to say she is interested in watching people eat would be an understatement, so we’ll have to cave one of these days on that front. . .Can’t wait!

Emma and I had our first fight last week. I went to DC for the AICPA conference (aka the Meeting of the League of Sportcoat Geeks) and was gone for 3 days. Mom and Dad were gracious enough to come down and spend time with Emma so Lela didn’t have to get everything done herself, so that was very appreciated. Anyway, I got home late Wednesday so I only got a brief amount of time with Emma in the morning and Lela got distracted at a Happy Hour after work. So as I brought Emma home, she decided she was mad at me for deserting her for part of the week and voice her displeasure until Lela came home, which was less than fun! So basically, I will never travel againJ

Anyways, we will get some pics loaded tonight, but I wanted to let everyone know how great Emma is doing!

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