Friday, November 13, 2009

Well we are now finishing the 2nd week of Emma being in day care. Every morning is an adventure getting out the door we are finding as we are trying to sell our house, so prepping the house for showing on top of getting her out the door proves to be a daily chore, but we are managing. I generally drop off since that’s the less fun part of day care, so its hard to get Lela to leave some mornings. . . Emma has gotten in the routine of sitting in her bouncer and watching Lela get ready in the morning, she really seems to think its pretty funny, so its nice to get that extra time with her. She also got her first cold this week. She's been congested, but it hasn't really effected her (knocking on wood) in any way that we can tell, so hopefully that continues!

Emma has also gotten in a good routine at day care it sounds like, especially on the eating front. She generally knocks out 6 oz at a time 3, sometimes for times a day and allegedly they are going to try a bit more today. Man she likes to eat! Our daycare also has cameras on the cribs for when they nap, so its fun to open up the web page and see Emma sleeping occasionally. She hasn’t so much been a fan of naps in the crib for a long time, but hopefully she gets there. They have told us Emma is a very happy little girl and loves one of the exersaucers they have for her, which reminds me that Emma also has been pooping through her diaper once a day all week it seems (one time happened in an exersaucer), so hopefully that pattern does not continue! We can tell she is wore out by the end of the day, because she generally has a somewhat glazed look on her face when we pick her up.

Few other things about Emma

- She loves baths now, and enjoys kicking A LOT in the bath tub. She thinks its really neat and kicks the whole time.
- Lela discovered that she loves when you clap her hands together. She has her hands either together or in her mouth about 90% of the time any more too and has started more and more of grabbing things. Here we go!
- She has also started to like to look at various things with patterns and focus in more on them. She also seems to be noticing Cooper, who would gladly play with her if he were allowed to. . .
- Emma is definitely a morning baby (as it sounds like most are). I generally get her up and a lot of the time she is just laying in her crib awake and content. After she eats is about the time Lela gets back from working out and Emma smiles most of the time when Lela gets back, so I think that likely makes getting back from a workout even better!

Anyway, a few examples of Emma’s pictures from day care since we haven’t gotten as many pics at home the last 10 days.

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  1. Sounds like Clara and Emma have had similar experiences at daycare. Clara also has a cold and doesn't like napping there! Other than that, they say she's a happy baby too. We thought we saw a for sale sign in the yard!