Sunday, November 1, 2009

Missing Mommy

Today was Lela's first day back at the grind. Yesterday was rough for Lela, and Emma decided to make today even rougher by waking up at midnight and 6 am hungry, which then led to her being a sleepy/grumpy mood for prepping for her first day at day care. Luckily we get updates online about her and pictures of her sleeping, so that's comforting.

We did get her into her Halloween outfit for about 5 min for pictures. This outfit was made for the cold, so Emma got hot in about 2 min, so we did what we could and then took her out of it. We posted some pics below.

Emma is also our new Hawkeye good luck charm. She has yet to see a Hawkeye football loss, you are welcome Kirk Ferentz, we had her to help you out, now finish the season strong.

Few other items as far as Emma's development - 1) She can now pretty much fully hold her head up, which is helpful for certain ones of us who get lazy on the holding the head up sometimes:) 2) Emma has begun getting more and more interested in tv. Yes, she is my daughter, its to be expected, though she won't be allowed to watch the Real World Road Rules Challenge until she turns 25. 3) Many nights Emma does not like to go to bed. As previously mentioned, this is a trait she gets from her mom, so I can't wait to find out how she tries to get out of going to bed once she mobilizes and can speak! 4) Emma's been smiling more and more every day. Mostly she smiles for Lela, but I can get one out of her occasionally. 5) Emma likes to stand more and more every day as long as she is being held up obviously. Her walking can wait though, no hurry! Anyway those are a few of the fun things going on with her. Every day is a new adventure.

One of the greatest poses EVER!

Hanging with her "friends" on her bumbo seat

We put her in blue but forgot the pink accents. Good thing nobody said, "Isn't HE cute," otherwise they'd have to deal with her mom!

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