Monday, October 19, 2009

Race weekend

Many of you may know that Mike and I have been training for our own respective half marathon races...well Mike's turn came this past weekend :) Mike ran in the Kansas City Half Marathon this past saturday and finished with a very good time, especially considering that the race should be renamed "the never ending hills" according to Mike.! The day started out a bit scary as it was pouring on our drive to Crown Center but luckily it stopped raining before race time.

Mike was rewarded for his efforts in the race on Saturday by watching the Hawkeyes go 7-0 for the first time since 1985! I have posted some pictures of Emma after a bath this weekend - it was nice to have a spare set of hands to take pictures of our little cutie and all her sudsy hair.

The "before" picture prior to shampooing...
Mommy, did you give me horns?? (a combo of dry/wet hair as I was wetting Emma's head down)

I promise I didn't "style" her hair this way but sort of looks like I blow dried it:)

Ahhh....nice and cozy in my flower towel:)

Unfortunately we didn't get the best pics post race but I think the grimace on Mike's face says "I'm glad the race is over!":)

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