Friday, February 24, 2012

We are going Linsane

Sorry, had to give a little shout out to my boy Jeremy Lin and thought the title was fitting.  By my boy I mean Asian guy who gives dad’s who want their children to be athletes and those children are part asian so you want to prove to the world that Asian or part asian kids can be good at sport.  I don’t know if that’s remotely close to a real sentence, but thought I’d write it anyway, and you get the point.  I consider myself an Asian in law, and like anybody I get into things that I or someone I live with can relate to.  So J Lin is Asian, I can relate due to being accepted by marriage.  J Lin went to Harvard, I went to Simpson.  Virtually identical.  I played point guard in high school, he plays it in the NBA.  We are practically best friends.

So. . .remember the last post where I said we are tired?  We still are tired if you were wondering, possibly going Linsane.  Work has only recently began to let up for me and let’s just say Kinsley has spunk to her.  sleeping in 30 min increments some nights spunk.  So until we get the earth to work on a modified 28 hr day system, sleep is more scarce than we wish it was.  Knocking on wood or any other material available, but it could be worse.  While she likes to party like Charlie Sheen at night (minus all the illegal and immoral aspects that tie into that of course) she is pretty chill.  Sometimes that’s almost more maddening though where people come over and see her and think she’s easy because just just likes to be held and look at faces.  We should probably do follow up calls with said people at 4 am when Kinsley has been up every 30 min, lela’s going insane and I am responding in grunts or nothing at all due to tiredness and my lack of ability to wake up (lela really is happy when I do that also btw).  The other thing is due to the aforementioned cuddliness it’s really hard to not be in love with Kinsley.

I am going to knock on wood one last time for this post and just know it covers all remaining things I say.  Emma has been really good with Kinsley and the whole life altering situation.  If Kinsley is crying, emma will give her elephant (aka emma’s prized possession).  When Emma gets up in the morning she generally first wants to see Kinsley (who is sleeping due to her Sheenesque parties). Emma seems to be able to play by herself better too, she’ll come home and while one of us makes dinner, she’ll occupy herself.  Sure we still have tantrums and every once in awhile she’ll hit Kinsley’s feet for attention, but she seems to be embracing big sisterhood.  Emma also changed rooms at daycare and seems to be enjoying the new challenge.  I was encouraged to hear that while her room is 75% boys, Emma doesn’t take any crap from any of them.  Watch out world, this is a feisty one, and watch out boys you don't want to mess this one.  Emma’s had her ABC’s down for awhile and is getting pretty good at being able to count things rather than  just throwing out random numbers if you ask her how many of something there is.  We may have another accountant on our hands. . .you know if accounting was about liking math and numbers like is the stereotype, even though 99% of accountants don’t like either.  I am the 1% though, hopefully nobody protests outside our door anytime soon because of it. .   Emma did have a lovely day about a week ago where she decided it was 1987 and having slits cut in your shirt is cool.  Let’s keep the scissors away folks!

Anyway, here are some pics of the kids and a visit from the Rumery's


Kinsley watching the Iowa/NW game

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