Friday, April 20, 2012

Living with Raptors

Even though I am only slightly amused by the movie, I remember more than I should from Jurassic park.  The thing I of course remember the most is the raptors, how smart they were, how they tested the systems and found a weakness.  Then they attacked.  That and how realistic the movie was, because that all could happen, and then how Jeff Goldblum plays the same character in every movie he is in. 

Anyway, why do you ask am I referring to a movie from the early 90s?  Because its my life.  While my life isn't in danger, and we don't have giant electrical fences, or special cars on tracks, or the ability to hide things in barbasol cans, its more similar than you would think.  I live with a post partem, somewhat sleep deprived wife, a 2 and a half year old female and another female who likes to party (in the middle of the night) and is learning from the other 2.  All 3 parties seek weaknesses and attack.  I won't go into details about Lela because she is the raptor that can read, but anyone who has a quasi blurry eyed wife who recently had to release her baby raptor, er baby human, to daycare and is training for a half marathon and is overly competitive with herself about it knows what I mean.  And Emma, well if she can tell you are tired of her doddling, or that she is standing on her chair and shouldn't (which is all instances of standing on chairs) then she is going to first continue to do what she was, followed by a possible tantrum. 

All kidding somewhat aside, I haven't blogged in a really long time so here's an update to our lives.

Emma  is becoming more of a "big girl" every day.  She tells us stories and seems to always have things to say that make us laugh.  those stories of course aren't replicable online, but there is generally funny things being said.  As a father it is also enjoyable for me to find things that i can tell emma that she may repeat to others that will both confuse them and make me laugh internally if I know they occur.  For example rather than just asking her to flush the toilet, I tell her "Ems, you'd better flush it down to poopy town," which isn't really that funny but makes me laugh.  I also like to ask her who she likes best, me or Lela, which clearly both teaches her maturity and that she should like one of us better than the other.  Can't imagine why I have been told by the eldest raptor to stop, seems like a good life lesson to teach emma.  Emma also likes to tell us everything is her "fravrorite" sometimes her "fravrorite in the whole world" and randomly tells us "maybe I do X tomorrow" with X being anything from eating quesadilla's to riding on grandpa's tractor.  My personal fravrorite is on weekends I leave her in bed a bit longer so she  doesn't have to get up before she is fully awake and she tells me "daddy, I was really starting to worry about you."  Anyway, again none of these are nearly as entertaining to read on a blog as they are in real life, but they give you a taste of Emma.  She has a lot of spice to her so every moment is at least interesting if not entertaining.  emma has also recently taken a liking to her tricycle and has gotten really good at it.  its nice because its virtually effort free for us.

Kinsley is growing by the day.  Please note that I did not utilize the phrase "growing like a weed" because that saying drives me insane.  I don't know why a guy who thinks its funny to say "flush it down to poopy town" has a problem with "growing like a weed" but I do.  She has started sleeping a bit more, which is welcome.  She started daycare at the beginning of April, and has really adjusted well.  she actually naps some, which Emma never got into.  She also has begun smiling a lot more, not that she wasn't before, but its more prevalent now so its fun to get her smirks.  Sometimes it is nice to have one that isn't always running around and just wants you to hold her.  She loves watching Emma, and I am sure will soon learn Emma's evil ways.  We aren't losing our minds any more, we are just moreso trying to figure out how to make everything work with 2.

Lela obviously also went back to work at the beginning of April and is adjusting back to working life.  She is training for a half marathon, so back to crazy training Lela.  The raptor comes out the night before her long runs especially, so Cooper and I have learned to tread lightly on that night.

We haven't had anything too crazy in recent months.  We joined fellow blog child Dylan H for his b day party at D Rose.  Emma loved it.  We happened to all be in Hawkeye gear (Dylan is a hawkeye also) which some may view as obnoxious, but some days you just wake up and all end up with a tigerhawk on.  it happens.

  we headed back to IA for Easter. Emma had a great time with her grandparents and cousins and of course got lots of eggs in her egg hunts. We were greeted when we got home with sickness, Emma got sick one afternoon, with me getting sick that evening and Lela in the middle of the night. This created the perfect storm of torture where Emma was feeling better but couldn't go back to daycare while Lela and I were still sick. it was our first such experience, hopefully it will be the last.

frosting cookies with grandma

Emma recently started riding her tricycle and is very proud of herself

Emma riding a horse at dylan's party at Deanna Rose.  She loved it

Emma saying she wants to ride the other one now too

Emma's new running shorts so she "can run fast like mommy"

Easter egg hunts in the rain.  Emmas all business

Pre Huebner easter egg hunt

Sean, who is now taller than Lela, showing Emma the ropes

Easter breakfast

sporting her jordans

Kinsley loves the bath.  Emma did not, so its a welcome change

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