Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's day to me

Most people who blog about families seem to be females. Maybe its because women are more expressive and like to talk about their families and remember details and all that stuff. Maybe its because men are outside being rugged and mowing and stuff like that when their wives blog, who knows. And yes I am fully aware that I just made a comment that is very much a stereotype, but then again many stereotypes are stereotypes because more often than not they are true. I didn’t choose to be obsessed with whether my lawn is the perfect length with perfectly straight diagonal mowing lines or to secretly die a little inside every time something I grill something and it doesn’t turn out perfectly. Lela didn’t choose to love All Clad and Le Creuset or be happy when I get those things for her for various holiday or to think that immersing emma in pink is the greatest thing ever. These things just organically happened. Anyway, the point I was getting at was every blog I see was how awesome of a dad the husband is, etc because it was written by the wife. So I am going to congratulate myself with a happy father’s day blog entry to myself.

It was a great day. Well really weekend. I think they should change it to Father’s weekend. One day isn’t enough to be able to say “you can’t say anything about what I just did because its Father’s day, you have to be nice to me and ignore any wrongdoing,” it should at the very least be a weekend. And by weekend I mean starting Friday am, not just the days you don’t work. Once we get everybody adjusted to thinking of it that way we can begin talks about a full week. I have learned this expansive technique from my niece, Julia. Julia doesn’t have a birthday she has a birth month, and every year that seems to get longer. She turned five a few months ago and I am pretty sure by the age of 11 we will just celebrate Julia’s b-day will have become a B-11-month-thing. It’s really a well-played plan. This is why we need to listen to kids, they can teach us things. Hopefully my sarcasm in most of that paragraph came through so I don’t sound like too much of a self centered a-hole.

So yeah, Father’s weekend, I don’t normally do a detailed run down of festivities because I usually forget 95% of the important details and it becomes really boring, but here goes. We hit up the OP farmer’s market for the first time this year. We love the OP farmer’s market, it is the perfect size. Not one of those farmers markets where there are 2 things but also not like the River Market farmers market where it’s a 30 min ordeal to get just one thing. And then that evening Lela made us Linguine with clams. Delish. I am glad I married a good cook, even if it just perpetuates the aforementioned stereotypes or if it makes it so I have to run to 18 grocery stores a week because some grocery stores have better versions of various things. Sunday we started off with church, and our pastor, Dan, agrees with me on the expansion of father’s day as we are apparently doing a 3 week series on dads. See my expansion theory is catching on already. Anyway, for some reason getting to church every Sunday is a scramble. It always happens, I feel like every Sunday is going to be better, but its not. On this particular Sunday we were planning on having some homemade Korean BBQ with our homegrown bibb lettuce for lunch. Everybody knows that in addition to pork belly and lettuce you obviously need rice for Korean bbq. . .except when you forget and your wife has to remind you 3 times that morning to get the rice ready and set the rice cooker to start while you are at church (when you live in a wasian household you have rice cookers and they have timers). . .and then rather than setting the timer you just start the rice cooking. Did I mention that Asians are very particular about their rice not being over cooked and that cooking rice in our rice cooker for 2.5 hrs could overcook the rice? It’s a good thing it was father’s day so as lela had red flames in her eyes I could say, “it’s a good thing its father’s day so you can’t be mad at me.” Again, expansion of Father’s day could only be a good thing. So after a lovely Korean BBQ lunch, I was treated to a lovely professional massage, not to shabby. After some pool time (to be discussed later), we headed to Blue Koi, to cap off a very Asian day. Except Blue Koi wasn’t open. . .but luckily some random person had the same plan to treat her husband for fathers day. As discussed in the previous post, people talk to me if I don’t know them, so of course she signals for me to roll down my window. And she says something to the effect of “we are going to Red snapper, you should too.” So we did. But we didn’t sit with them because that would be weird. But it was a good end to an Asiany Father’s day that will someday be known as father’s weekend.

So the weekend before my mom treated us to a zoo and water weekend in Omaha to celebrate her bday. She shares a bday with Emma, and Jill is 9 months prego, so she figured this would be the best time to celebrate. So anyway, that Friday we headed to Omaha, a trip which thanks to a lovely overturned trucked was an extra hour or so. But we got there. Emma thought that it was awesome that we were all sleeping in the same room, to the point where she stayed up til 11. We prepared for a rough day at the zoo. . .but somehow emma was good to go on her little sleep. And it was pretty much the perfect zoo day, the weather was surreal it was so good and all the kids had a great time. Julia and jacoby are extremely good to emma too, so that makes it even more funny and easy for a weekend like that. The hotel we were staying at also had an indoor water park, so after we got back from the zoo we headed down there. We had a good time, even emma enjoyed it (again more later). That night we even got our first night out to the movies since emma joined us just under 2 years ago. After meeting up with one of my college friends and her family for some lovely Vietnamese, we headed back to KC, both tired but having had our fill of fun. Thanks Grandma!

Emma isn’t a water kid. She gets it from me probably. Some kids loves baths, always have and think they are great always. Some kids are like fish, you put them in their bathing suit and give them a body of water than they run in. Emma isn’t one of those kids. She’s okay in the water, she loves transporting water, and pouring it or doing water table type activities. But as far as being in it, she’s sort of Meh about it. At the water park it took her a half hour to warm up to the idea of playing in water. After we showed her some of the fun stuff she gradually warmed up to it and had a good time. When we go to the HOA pool Emma generally takes at least 15 minutes to decide she wants to do more than lean on us and watch the other kids. After she gets going she will play in it and again she loves water table type activities, but she just isn’t a kid who thinks it’s the greatest thing ever and runs into it like crazy. Probably a bit similar to a young red headed boy I used to know. Sorry Emma!

Here are some recent pics of the Wasian and some of the events in random order

 Random park pics

 Love it when she gets a head of steam going

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