Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A few of our favorite things

Emma is a funny kid. A lot of these things I have previously mentioned, but I thought it would be fun to mention a few of Emma’s favorite things

1) Emma has become increasingly concerned with the whereabouts of everybody. If you leave a room, Emma will same something about you followed by “go”. She especially constantly wants to know where lela is. For example, we went to Iowa for her cousins’, Julia and Jacoby’s bday celebration. So with 10+ hrs of car time, Emma got used to all of us being in the car together. When I went to take Emma to daycare she asked about 30 times in her 3 min drive to daycare “mommy go?” its pretty funny the first 5 times at least, someday we will teach miss emma that if she asked continuously the answer doesn’t change

2) Emma’s favorite foods to this point – virtually anything Mexican or Korean. The girl likes her spice, if her face is red and she is chugging water its almost as if she feels challenged and eats more. She is off and on for all types of fruit, for a while she will eat something nonstop and the next week she won’t touch it. Emma has become enamored with dipping as of late, though it often morphs into using food as a different form of spoon, rather than eating it.

3) Puzzles. Emma loves them. It’s not always the same ones every day, but rarely a day goes by that she doesn’t spend time with her puzzles at home. At daycare if she doesn’t have one in hand within 20 seconds of walking in she is less than happy.

4) Jumping and bouncing on everything is her favorite past time. If you put a thick blanket on the floor emma will let herself fall into it about 30 times. If you put the girl on a mattress she will bounce up and down. If you put her to bed she will bounce her head for at least 20 min. its just how she rolls.

5) Emma doesn’t like tv, but likes Elmo. If you ask her what her favorite animal is, its elmo. I guess Elmo is sort of an animal, so her opinion is not completely unfounded, right? She also enjoys saying the sounds that various animals say. I have taped a few sesame streets and she will watch the “Elmo’s World” portion, but gets mad at the parts where Elmo isn’t involved.

Anyway, that’s not by any means a full list, just seems to be what emma is generally into lately. We have had a busy few months We of course had mothers day in there, Emma gave Lela a Panini press for making among other things make quesadilla’s that emma loves. We went up to the IA for Julia and Jacoby’s bday. We all had a good time up there and if you ever see the video of the gift opening, emma is in almost the entire thing. Emma wasn’t worried about the wrap or any of that, but seemed to notice that toys were being pushed off to the side and she decided she was going to play with each of them.
A few weeks ago we took our first Emma-less trip and went to Chicago for a few days. I think Emma did all right as she went to Grandpa and Grandma’s, aka the land where there is a million toys and people play with me from the second I wake up til the second I go to bed. Even though we knew she was in good hands and having fun, we obviously missed our little princess to death.

We have also noted the coming of toddlerhood. We used to think that toddlerhood meant a temper tantrum once a week or so when Emma would be hungry or something. We were wrong. Toddlerhood has become a battle of wills at any and all times. Some days Emma will fight everything. Some days she’ll go along her merry way and not fight anything. It’s the uncertainty that’s the biggest fun as we can’t see it coming. I know, shocking that Lela and I would have a strong willed child. She is still fun most of the time and still loves to laugh, but she’s now like the raptors in Jurassic park, testing every fence until she figures out how to overcome it. That’s my requisite movie reference for the day. Go Hawks.

Some Easter pics.  Emma wasn't being uber cooperative, so they are action pics.

Emma playing at the Johnsons

Picture time with the kids.  Jacoby got tired of smiling after 500 pictures, so he had to hold his smile with his hands below.  I can relate buddy.

Note the black eye.  I look pretty BA, right?  Unfortunately I wasn't defending my families honor or something cool, but ran into someone playing bball. 

Emma's many faces

Even if I was a cheerleader, I would dunk on them.

Lela and I at Frontera Grill.  Thank you Rick Bayless, it was divine.
Architecture boat tour.  I am a nerd and could have spent all week doing architecture tours, but apparently that's not cool.

Gilt Bar on our last night
The view of navy pier from our room.  Of course this was the 15 min window where it wasn't foggy, but what are you going to do!

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