Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Musical Event!

The Huebner house has been extra fun/crazy the last few weeks. A few weeks ago Grandpa and Grandma came into town. As usual they came bearing many clothes and toys. Emma was very gleeful of course, who would ever complain about nonstop interaction! This also leads to Emma taking epic naps, which Then last weekend the Engebretsons returned the favor of a few months ago and made their way to KC from Charlotte. In order to commemorate their arrival, we first of course went to Oklahoma Joe’s. Bobbie and Dylan joined us to add to the fun. That’s why this web post is a collaborative arrangement, sort of like when Grey’s anatomy and Private Practice have a collaborative event. I don’t even really watch either of those shows, but I do know that Grey’s had a musical event a few weeks ago. Lela was watching it and pointed out various parts, all of which were unintentionally comical. What a terrible idea. So to commemorate that musical event, at various points over the weekend we all broke out into song to properly take advantage of the situation. Okay so I made that part up, but could you imagine if we broke out in song periodically that weekend? It would have likely been as awesome as that episode of Greys. Sorry, random, I went from collaborating to musical events, my mind is odd, I know. When we arrived back at our lovely abode, after the kids went to bed, Josh filled us in on various facts about beer, how to pour it, etc. Sometimes I feel like I go to Wikipedia a lot to find out weird tidbits and feel nerdy. I think Josh doesn’t even have to go to Wikipedia, he just knows them. See pic of josh appropriately pouring whatever beer it was we had. After staying up entirely too late that night, we met back up at Deanna Rose. As Emma gets older, it is becoming more apparent how great of a treasure that place really is. Problem being emma is struggling with transition. Which means every animal was the greatest animal in the world and she never wanted to leave it so we had multiple minitantrums. But once we got to the next animal Emma was good to go and loved them, sometimes a little too much. And the cycle continued. It was like 90 degrees that day and I was smart enough to wear a black shirt. That and because I am the person who is appointed to carry 3 bags at all times are why they pay me the big bucks. After a night out on the town it was time for bed. We re-united for some First Watch Sunday. There was a 20 min wait (is there ever not a wait????) so the kids took turns running up and down the sidewalk. Sounds really not fun, but it was great, the kids loved it and it wore them down in a good way. Kids are clearly the epitomy of it doesn’t cost anything to have fun. The Engebretson left that evening, we were both tired and sad.

Emma has had an explosion of words in the past month or so. I posted this on facebook but for those of you who aren’t on fb, aren’t fb fans or just love the story, I need to tell this wonderful story . About 3 weeks ago I taught Emma to say Hawkeye. A few days later when she saw a tigerhawk to say it. A day or so after that I put Emma in a Hawkeye shirt and sent her off to daycare. When we arrived at daycare I asked Emma what was on her shirt and she said “HOOOOOOCCCKEEYYYYYEE”. Apparently that wasn’t the end of that. Emma continued saying that over and over all day. Eventually all the other kids were saying the same thing over and over. Emma is a saint, clearly! I was such a proud dad when I heard about it.

Emma of course has said many other words, I don’t think we fully grasp all the words she knows at this point. Another word she learned at D Rose is what turkeys say and it is one of the cuter events ever to hear her say “Gobba gobba gobba”. Her most recent thing to say over and over and over is momeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I know it melts lela and emma loves saying that. She also enjoyed her time around Bobbie as she says “bobbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee” from time to time also!

Here are the pics from the big weekend. No pics of the grandparents visit, Emma was too busy playing with them to have time for pics apparently!

Yes, we got rid the Wasian finally!
Let's work on pound also

Jack does not yet know he got conned into holding lip stick. . .
Emma lounging on our favorite Royals fan
This was the stage for the weekend, look at our performers!

Jack and Dylan showing Emma how to jump.  emma is not yet so daring.

Josh teaching class about how to pour this type of beer.

Grandpa would be proud that Emma picked the green tractor. . .

The infamous turkey
Feeding the goats.  Bobbie came prepared, she was the MVP of Deanna Rose and the goat station for sure.

It was hard to get an actual pic of Dylan's face, he was going gangsta with his hat

Dylan, watch out that goat is eyeing you. . .

Hey Asian kid, I am Wasian, why don't you get off my back and let me roll at my own pace.

Emma and Dylan thought these things were pretty neat while Jack was on the wagon ride

Hallmark card photo opp!  Looking for the prairie dogs

Came home Saturday to find Ashley reading the kids books. I think they were disappointed that we ruined the fun.
Emma wasn't being overly cooperative about the photo opps at First Watch

Dylan - 'Dude, this girl is crazy'
And time for sleep, the KC kids showed Jack how to party!

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