Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I need a Doctor

Sorry, just felt like titling the blog in honor of Dr Dre's more recent song (I don't know if its the most recent because I don't listen to anything but sports talk radio).  I am currently flunking the blogging class I know.  So our dog, Cooper, has had a problem since we started showing our previous house.  He chews on his tail during the day when we are gone, apparently he developed seperation anxiety while people were coming through our previous house and couldn't shake it.  So he sort of looks like a shelter dog, and after trying different pills the vet and I decided to put him in the cone of shame.  If you have seen Up, you know what I mean.  So every day when we leave for work I put Cooper in the cone of shame.  Why am I telling you this?  Well I am figuratively putting myself in the cone of shame for creating seperation anxiety in others.  FIGURATIVELY, which means nothing will really happen because I could be fired or mocked or just look insane if I put an actual cone on my head like a dog.

So our daughter Emma.  Yeah, she's a crazy Wasian mofo.  This begins every day between 12am and 5am (insert beeping from 24 with Jack Bauer voice).  At some time almost every night between those times Emma wakes up and begins banging her head or her feet while saying "oh, oh, oh, oh."  Sounds cute, and is once in awhile, but for the most part its just a goofy thing she does that wakes us up!  Oh and she begins every night in similar fashion, usually doing it for about 30 min after we lay her down.  She is really good about going to bed, so we won't complain, we just find it interesting that our daughter likes to bang her head for over an hour a day.  I like to imagine she is practicing headers for the University of Iowa women's soccer team, but that likely isn't the case.

Emma's new favorite phrase is, "no, no, no."  I think she learned it from us and Cooper and it started with something she would say to Cooper.  But its developed into something she says often, whether she means it or not.  There are new words every day it seems, with the most important one coming last weekend.  I finally taught Emma to say "Hawkeye" whenever she sees a tigerhawk. It was a big day in our lives, there was much rejoicing.  We have officially started educating her that she is going to be a Hawkeye.  She will have to endure much Wildcat or Jayhawk or Mizzou talk in her life, so she needs to be prepared to defend herself and her people. 

Emma also loves adventure.  She loves being on my shoulders and swinging around.  While doing so she may love to grab my ears which is, um,  interesting (see below).  She loves climbing on peoples backs or other things that she shouldn't be climbing on. Emma continues with her ornery ways, she will look at us with a little smirk and then run and do something she isn't supposed to.  Its so hard not to laugh sometimes, sometimes not so much, like when she does this in public and then flails on the floor screaming when we won't let her do whatever it is she wants to do.  Not embarrassing at all.

Anyway, that's an update for now, I will try to post again within a week as in not wait 5-6 weeks.  Go Hawks!

Time to bust out the Spring clothes!

Emma eating pictures never get old

Emma's V-day gear courtesty of Grandma and Grandpa

Picture time doesn't work out so well these days

Also, morning bedhead pics never get old!

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