Friday, February 18, 2011

So so long

Okay, we are back on board. Sorry to all 5 of the blog followers, this time of year is generally a bit hectic. No, I am not doing taxes because Lela and I don’t do taxes, not that we haven’t ever been asked that. . .Where do I start, its been awhile! Well Emma had her 18 mo appt. She’s doing great, she’s down around 50% for height and weight, so she’s a lean, mean kimchi machine. Emma is showing more and more personality. That’s a parental way of saying she’s getting a bit of orneriness to her. 90% of the time she’s the same Emma, laughing and playing and doing whatever any happy, obedient girl would do. But now there is another 10% where she gets a look on her face like,”let’s see if I can get away with this. . .” for example when I go to pick her up from daycare a few times she has been just playing, having a good time. But when she sees me she runs for this little table and tries to climb on it, laughing the entire way. Hmmm, who could she have gotten this from? Not her mello, perfect child of a dad (past or present tense, you pick). Anyway, she’s still a fun little girl. She still will play with blocks or a puzzle for 20 min at a time. But now she just keeps us on our toes a bit more.

We made a nice little weekend trip to Charlotte to visit friends Josh, Kelly and Jack. Lela and Kelly are old friends, and Josh can generally follow my odd sense of humor, so it was a good time. It was also during the dead of this year’s terrible January so it was nice to get some warm weather in. We hit up some teppanyaki, a children’s museum (see pics below) and enjoyed some nice weather. Coincidentally, we got back on Sunday and snowmageddon came in the middle of the week, so I guess we timed it right? That was the worst we have seen it here in KC, literally couldn’t get out of our driveway because the street wasn’t cleared. Emma was getting cabin fever, so we rushed out the first chance we got. By Emma I mean all of the Huebners, taking shifts while all being at home trying to work is not such a good time. Since we are both busy this time of year NOT DOING TAXES we couldn’t just take the days off to play. Hopefully now we are done with the hard part of winter, the last 2 winters have been rough by KC standards! Yesterday was the first day Emma has gotten outside to play at daycare in awhile and the difference was very noticeable. She was more wore out yet more happy. So clearly it’ll be nice to have spring type weather here finally!

My mom and dad also stopped down on their way to Phoenix. Emma loves it when they come. Basically it means that she has someone to play with her the entire time she is awake. It means that story time at night is 45 minutes long (and that everyone on the main floor can hear it, ahem). So basically Gpa/Gma time is heavenly.

We got Emma bball hoop for Christmas. I have been working on her game with her. Really right now she is the Dikembe Mutombo of to the toddler world. What does that mean you ask? It means she Dunks on them. The 10 people who remember the Dikembe mutombo 90s video game commercial or remember how the only think mutombo could do is block shots or dunk know what I am talking about. That reference is so abstract that I couldn’t even find a youtube video of it, even after researching for 30 min. Not that I would spend 30 min researching such a thing

Okay, that’s all for now, I will keep up more. I promise.

A few pics of Emma and coops.  Emma likes to harass Cooper (like stand on him, pull his ears, etc), he is pretty good natured about it.  But if he starts to follow her around she gets mad at him.  Its a classic love/hate relationship.

 Emma and jack going for a walk

 Emma's first slide experience.  Someone forgot to mention to me that its not quite Mike sized. . ..

 Emma driving the boat at the children's museum

 They had this little grocery station.  Emma grabbed all the raisins as you could see below.  Emma likes to maintain good regularity, don't worry about it.

 Dude, lay off, that's mine!
 Picking corn, grandpa huebner style

 Jack pushing Emma on the train while Emma tries to eat some tennis balls

 Come on ride the train (yep, had to give a shout out to the Q City DJ's)
 Emma doesn't understand hugging boys.  That's a good thing:)  Also, Josh is wearing a hideous shirt.
 Who knew sitting on a box could be so fun!

 I Dunk on them!

 Sporting the new V-day outfit courtesy of grandpa and grandma

 Pumpkin muffins, one of Emma's fav's
 Emma working off some calories while eating

 I wonder who Emma got her "Put everything into my mouth at once" technique from. . .

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  1. Not sure you counted me as one of the blog followers, but I was very excited to see the new update! Great pics...can't believe how old Emma is getting! And she's as cute as ever! We should get the kiddos together soon!

    Bobbie & Dylan