Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day weekend with the Huebners

So this whole Independence Day weekend thing isn't for Emma.  We have made her watch a lot of Ricky Stanzi, the most patriotic Hawkeye since Nile Kinnick  (see link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlU0GQgooWM), but Emma is at times rebellious.  It all started last year when Emma and I headed up to NYC to enjoy the 4th with Lela and we thought, it was NYC, it was crazy insane hot, it was clearly an anomaly. . . well after this year I am beginning to wonder.

It all started Friday July 1.  Lela and I were getting a head start on the weekend and took the day off to try to get various things we haven't been able to get done around the house.  Around 3 we got the call.  Apparently Emma had decided to revisit lunch after nap, so we needed to go pick her up.  I went to pick her up and she was running around the room laughing.  Ah, lunch may not have agreed with her, she'll be good to go for the weekend.  Let's just say various things didn't agree with her for the next 6 or 7 hrs.  Lovely way to start the weekend.  Saturday Emma was a bit under the weather, but mostly okay.  Sunday I got whatever she had had, followed by lela getting it on monday.  Emma had clearly decided she was going to infiltrate Independence Day weekend and distract us.  Doesn't she know that Will Smith made a movie about defending this holiday from aliens when we were in high school?  That rednecks everywhere live for this holiday????  Okay, so maybe that's not a good argument.

The thing is, we still had a good weekend.  When you are laying in bed wanting to die there is nothing better than hearing "Daddeeeeeeeee" followed by emma climbing on top of you and jumping on you.  Usually that is followed by more nausea and wanting to die, but that's irrelevant.  Or when Lela is sick, getting to go to Walmart on the 4th and getting to interact with said rednecks.  I know lela feels the same way since she literally crawled over to Emma's room while I put Emma to bed when she was sick. 

Emma is also excited to have a new cousin, Jaxon Gregory Johnson.  He joined us on June 30, so he has his own month and won't add to the long list of July bdays!

Here's the main pic from the weekend, of Emma who decided she wanted to carry the basket in walmart.  Please note the PJ outfit, as I dressed her and decided I didn't want to get her out of her PJ's.  Emma picked the shoes that clearly match.  I think it helped us to fit right in with the locals. . .

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